Short Word with Craig Fasi

Craig Fasi
Craig Fasi is the curator behind Pollywood – The Polynesian Short Film Festival.

How did Pollywood come about?

I started working at The Moving Image Centre as a curatorial/gallery asisstant 2002- identified that the Polynesian content of MIC in terms of short film and multimedia art was indeed lacking.

Started researching Pacific Island artists in film via places like He Taonga Productions, & Tagata Pasifika, Unitech, AUT.. etc.. sourced films and decided to screen a Pacific Island films night.

Word spread – and a lot of queries came through about an annual event. Material was hard to come by to put together the first screening so it was debateable if it could be an annual event.

However – 5 years later Pollywood is still going.

Who are behind it?

I am sole curator for the programme – I organize submissions, select the programme, create promotional artwork, co-ordinate the programme, venues, directors.. MIC is my profressional mentor and help with overviewing the programme, supplying gear for the screenings and overall support of the programme. Pollywood runs under the MIC umbrella.

Is this going to be an annual festival?

Yes – debateable at first but now 5 years running..

Anything else you can tell us about Pollywood?

Pollywood helps to promote Pacific Island artists involved in film both on and off screen – in terms of directors, writers, actors etc..

For more info about Pollywood
Contact Craig Fasi
021 217 0878


  1. Sage"s Dad says:

    Awesome stuff bo didnt know you were this dedicated too your job i guess its a lifestyle thang hopefully the best is yet to come and maybe one day it could be as big as Tropfest (Sydney) or even Cannes one day bo one day and when that day comes it could’nt happen to a person who deserves it more and the acknowledgement of the roots of how it all began was from Mr Pollywood himself Craig Fasi shot bo take it to the top! skyhigh.


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