Target Winter Health Guide 1 hour special

Jeanette Thomas and Brooke Howard-Smith TARGET WINTER HEALTH GUIDE
Jeanette Thomas and Brooke Howard-Smith return with a one-hour winter special where more faecal matter is discovered in food joints around Auckland, screening Tuesday, July 3rd at 7:30pm.

Target’s hidden cameras go on the road visiting Kebab shops around Auckland where shockingly faecal matter is found in food, and general levels of hygiene are bad.

Home caregivers are put to the test caring for our elderly actress in the second hidden camera segment.

The special will also bust common winter misconceptions about the importance of vitamins and natural remedies.

After the Ribena revelation earlier this year, the Target team checks if Vitamin pills, fruit drinks and foods contain the Vitamin C they claim they do.

They also investigate the financial cost of fighting a cold and compare the price of common cold medicines when pharmacies and supermarkets go head to head.

Chicken soup is said to be good for the soul but is it good for a cold? Target test the claims.

Tune in for the Target Winter Health Guide as Jeanette Thomas and Brooke Howard-Smith aim to help you get through the winter as healthily as possible, screening Tuesday, July 3rd at 7:30pm.


  1. harry says:

    haha, shame on the male presenter ,, we (students) saw him on a hidden camera where he dident wash his hands after pissing in the toilet!!!!!

    he shouldnt belong to the programe where the programe talk about higene!!!

    he cant be bothered to wash his hands after toilet ,,,,, talking about other people in the hidden camera!!!!!

    shame on his girl friend, because she is the one who talks about the higene and other people in the hidden camera…

    what we hav seen in the hiddne camera about the male presenter is ture and he got really angry where they show the video to him in a interview

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