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Stratos TV

A significant milestone in New Zealand broadcasting has been announced today by Triangle Television’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Blackman. Triangle Television is set to make broadcasting history with the advent of Triangle Stratos, which, for the first time ever, will make regional television available to the entire country. The new channel will broadcast on the Freeview platform.

Triangle Television currently operates two successful regional channels – Triangle Television Auckland, which has been broadcasting for nine years, and Triangle Television Wellington, which launched almost a year ago. Both are the only non-commercial terrestrial television stations operating in their areas.

Jim Blackman says: “New Zealand is more than ready for a national, subscription-free channel that provides alternatives to mainstream viewing. Even before Freeview began broadcasting, it was clear to us that there was a significant demand from around the country for Triangle Television’s style of programming. Now, through Triangle Stratos, that need can be answered.”

Triangle Stratos will in no way be run-of-the-mill television. It will be an exceptional mix of local and global programming with a huge variety of viewing options, and will offer a wide variety of programmes from a number of sources: programmes provided by other regional stations around New Zealand; programmes provided by ethnic and minority groups around the country; and international news services and current affairs shows from prestigious global broadcasters including Germany’s DW-TV, Voice of America and Al Jazeera. To add to the mix, not all programming will be in English.

“There will be the opportunity for new immigrants and those learning a new language to hear international news from other countries in their local language,” says Mr Blackman.

While Triangle Television Auckland and Triangle Television Wellington will continue with their unique local schedules, Triangle Stratos will have its own programme schedule to meet the needs of a more national audience. All Freeview viewers with a satellite set top box will have access to Triangle Stratos which will be transmitted via the transmission networks of broadcast and telecommunications provider Kordia™. Freeview currently comprises free-to-air
broadcasters Television New Zealand (TV One, TV2 and TVNZ Sport Extra), MediaWorks (TV3 and C4), Maori TV and Radio New Zealand.

Freeview General Manager Steve Browning says: “We’re delighted to have Triangle Stratos available exclusively on the Freeview satellite platform as it opens up a rich tapestry of local and international programming options that have not previously been available to viewers around the country.”

Kordia™ CEO Geoff Hunt says that Kordia™ is pleased to have signed the first regional television station onto the digital Freeview platform, and says that helping regional television go national is a huge step forward for local programming and for Freeview. “We are using our nationwide assets to help get the smaller channels onto the Freeview platform. The nationwide Freeview platform, powered by Kordia™, allows Triangle Stratos to aggregate regional content and redistribute nationwide, which means a richer viewing experience for everyone,” says Geoff Hunt.


  1. Aude Tangney says:

    Where did the french news gone???????????? Yestgerday I tune on Freeview at 12.30 for an informative time in my own language, but only got some Greek Folklore!!!!! I am really desapointed! I was really looking forward to watching some fresh news and relax for half an hour. I hope you will put them back on or at least reschedule them, i beleive their are more French in NZ than Greeks!

    Aude Liger-Belair Taupo New Zealand

  2. Kees Zegwaard says:

    We have a TV with freeview buld in. However we can not receive STRATOS. Any plans to make STRATOS available on an UHF areal?

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