Maori TV showcases more NZ Short Films

Maori Television continues to showcase critically-acclaimed New Zealand short films and filmmakers in the weekly slot, ITI POUNAMU, every Monday at 9.30 PM.

Filmmakers Ainsley Gardiner and Tearepa Kahi are hosting the series which features short films every week followed by a critique from the presenters and interviews with filmmakers or industry professionals.

Films previously featured were:

Te Ao Kapurangi / Shadow Over The Sun – Firearms are no match for the intelligence and courage of Te Ao Kapurangi; then a new mother in colonial New Zealand is visited by a tui in her garden. With studio guest, National Geographic’s All Roads Film Project director Francene Blythe.

Lemming Aid – Human nature collides with Mother Nature in this prize-winning Cannes short film. Ecological campaigners try to stop lemmings from throwing themselves over a cliff. With studio guests, Grant Lahood (writer/director) and John Keir (producer).

Turangawaewae – The late Wi Kuki Kaa stars as a Vietnam War vet living homeless and wandering the city when his daughter – and granddaughter – visit to try yet again to persuade him to return to their ancestral home.

Bella – A young transsexual dreams of glamour from behind prison walls. Bella’s tattooing skills and wit allow her to survive amongst the male inmates but her determination to behave like a woman makes her a target for a prison officer.

Egg and Bomb / A Very Nice Honeymoon – A 3D animated comedy romance: Wilga and Henry’s relationship looks set to go places but first Henry must deal with some underhand tactics from her father. Followed by a 2D and 3D animated film about Jeff and Phil Simmonds’s great grandparents who were on a steamer that was wrecked on the coast of Great Barrier Island in 1893.

Upcoming films include:

I’m In Here – Monday October 1 at 9.30 PM: A comedy about the lengths a man’s got to go. Frank has created the ultimate bathroom – a heavenly place where he can go in peace … if only his family will let him!

Nothing Special / The Hill – Monday October 8 at 9.30 PM: Mistaken as a child as Jesus reincarnate, Billy leads his life avoiding any kind of attention. But can he ever escape his most zealous devotee – his mother? Then, Eddie and Duane have a need for speed.

Blue Willow – Monday October 15 at 9.30 PM: An animated fable. Taking you into the heart of the traditional Chinese porcelain plate, this short film brings the blue lines to life and weaves a haunting story of love and family betrayal.

Other short films screening during the series include:
Sure To Rise (Monday October 22); Tiga e le Lloa – Hidden Pain (Monday October 29); Original Skin (Monday November 5); Dirty Creature (Monday November 12); and Kimi and the Watermelon (Monday November 19).

A sensational season of New Zealand short films, ITI POUNAMU screens on Maori Television every Monday at 9.30 PM.


  1. Hi
    I’ve been painting and exhibiting for 20 years in Aotearoa and internationally and have just had a short film made on me painting, and talking about why I’m a painter and the act itself, by film maKer Pat ONeill.

    Would you be interested in seeing a copy for Iti Pounamu ?

    Kind Regards Ewan

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