New Series of Kai Ora cooking programme returns

Kai Ora Anne Thorp
Kai Ora Presenter Anne Thorp

Fresh, unadulterated fare, mixed with fabulous music and eclectic guests are the essential ingredients for Maori Television’s top rating cuisine show, KAI ORA, premiering Sunday December 2 at 7.00 PM.

Hosted by the multi talented Anne Thorp, KAI ORA is a celebration of fine dining, Maori style.

Colourful, simple, flavorsome food is the order of the day on KAI ORA, prepared in one of Anne’s two commercial kitchens in Herne Bay and Pakiri Beach – enjoyed with two essential ingredients: good friends and lots of laughter.

Anne practices the philosophy of manaakitanga – or Maori hospitality. Each week she prepares exquisitely mouthwatering dishes sourced from New Zealand’s finest produce for her invited guests. In return, they grace the occasion with a waiata or song, bringing the notion of ‘singing for one’s supper’ back to its roots.

Anne’s friends include entertainers Whirimako Black, Moana Maniopoto, Anika Moa, Madeleine Sami and Boh Runga, so guitars will often appear and strumming and singing, from opera to rock, become enjoyable accompaniments to the eating. Other famous faces to make an appearance this series are Judy Bailey, Alison Holst, Betty Cuthbert along with Peter Urlich and Karl Urban.

KAI ORA is about easy cooking and easy eating, laid back recipes that keep you feeling like summer never ended and that the kitchen is not a place you escape from, but the place you escape to. KAI ORA, a refreshing vision of haute cuisine, Maori style.

Join Maori Television for the new series of KAI ORA with Anne Thorp – an irresistible combination of exquisite healthy food, music and laughter – premiering Sunday December 2 at 7.00 PM.


  1. Your cooking is wonderful I love your show very decandent indeed but hey it is wonderful (show on yesterday 17.02.08) was the best cos you had everything I love

  2. TINO PAI KARE!!!!!
    This Show is great, you dont fuss about, and thats what i like, and the results. Perfect!
    Can’t Wait for the next show.

  3. jeanne newtonn says:

    where do we get the recipes from, the food is great and the show likewise. I would like to cook some of the recipes but are unable to find them.

  4. Whetu Biszak says:

    Kia ora Anne can I please have your pork Belly and Puha recipe. Watch your show where you cooked it for Scott and Stacy Morrison and I would love to cook this cuisine for my parents!

    regards Whetu

  5. Lynne says:

    I watched the end of your show tonight which had the beet root rice with pork. Where can I find the recipe? Do you have a cook book?


    • Horace Winitana says:

      Ki a ora Anne,
      Nga mihi arohanui ki a koe me tou whanau katoa.
      Anne , e kare , they sure are tasty meals and I enjoyed your programs, but where can we retrieve them recipes from . I am into cooking but I would like to improve and your Kali suits me . I am after some recipes so I can practice on my spouses and girlfriends. Thank you.

  6. Karyn says:

    Kia ora Anne. I have mature Kahikatea trees growing on my property and they seasonally drop their berries. I went online and found that the berries are edible. What is your knowledge of the berries and do you know of any ways to use them in a recipe at all?
    Kind regards, Karyn

  7. Susan says:

    Is it possible to get the recipe for the Strawberry & Champagne dessert you did on last night’s programme? Many thanks.

  8. Anne have searched everywhere for your salad of crayfish you did wondering if you would be so kind to send it to me

    we loved your show Regards Carolyn Jackson

  9. Joanne says:

    Hi Anne, love your show. I was wondering if I could have the recipe for your passionfruit ice cream.
    Thanks Joanne

  10. Shane Lunjevich says:

    Hi Anne,I am a passionate foodie to and i have learnt a lot from you i love your style the way you put NZ kai together and use there natural flavours to compliment each other by not being to complicated.Have you ever thought of having your own cooking school if you dont have one already I could have a opportunity for you if you are interested.

    Thanks Shane

  11. Kimiwai says:

    Can I please get your recipe for Pork belly and Puha.

  12. Talei Watson says:

    Kai ora Anne. I was fortunate enough to be on the cruise ship, Princess Dawn, when you were demonstrating your wonderful crispy skin pork belly with asian flavours. I also had your seven course dinner at the palm court restaurant on board. Unfortunately, I missed out on the recipe that you gave to your audience. I wondered if you might share it with me as I absolutely loved it as the first course. I found there was just one problem with it…..there wasn’t enough….lol

  13. Lorraine says:

    Kai ora Anne
    Loved your recipes this morning, with the seafood, they were so colourful,and bright ‘for the newly married couple,
    would love some of the recipes

    Dear Anne,
    Loved the seafood and salads you cooked this morning for the newly married couple,
    they were so colourful, and bright, Where could i get the recipes

    Lorraine x

  14. Donz Savage says:

    Just a thought Anne. Perhaps instead of always having the well heeled on your show, in the next series (if there is going to be one) you could invite some of the more impoverished whanaus from our lower socio groups onto the show to sample your stunning creations! This would give the less well off a chance to sample your fine dining too. After all, not everyone is a sports star, a TV presenter or a TV star. Just an idea to share the good fortune around!!

    Otherwise,love your cooking!
    Donz Savage.

  15. cindy hoffmann says:

    im from germany, but saw ur show by chance and i loved it. ur so smart cookin and i admire ur easy going in the kitchen. wonderful

  16. Shandrene says:

    I so love your programme, do you have a reciepe book, if so let me know, i live in Brisbane, i fell in love with your bread pudding mmmmmm, dont get me wrong, all your menus are mouth watering.

  17. Bill Avery says:

    absolutly love your show but within the last week you have had
    paua on but dont tell us how to get the meat out of shell when raw
    would appreciate a reply,many thanks

  18. Sophie Gualeni says:

    Kia Ora Anne’ I love watching your show, and get great inspiration from doing so, I would love to know if your reciepe’s are available to access, and if any of them are, would I be abe to create some of your ataahua food dishes please.
    With much Aroha.


  19. Elsie Turia says:

    I love your cooking, not just the pork belly & puha but every episode that I saw in Brisbane, Qld. Would be looking for your book of recipes as I about to enter a My Kitchen Rules Competition with work colleagues & family. Thank you for showing a true healthy side of our traditional maori kai! I love your zest of lemon and chillie with additional herbs tino reka, Once again Thank you, oh we are not wealthy people but we just work hard and save so to enjoy your fine dining ways!

  20. maureen rudolph says:

    Hi Anna, As i live in Perth at presant and miss the wonderful food range and the taste of NZ,s food . I happened to turn the tv on and saw your programme on the steamed salmon chicken and the passionfruit ice cream and was wondering if you could email me the salmon one if possible. A wonderful programme. Many thanks Maureen.

  21. Leona Berryman says:

    Kia Ora, love your show, have you released any videos or books if so where can I buy them, if not can you release some please.

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