TVNZ 6 starts broadcasting on Freeview

TVNZ 6, New Zealand’s first advertising-free public service television channel, started broadcasting at 10am Sunday on Freeview.

TVNZ 6 will feature between 50 percent and 70 percent local content, with no advertising.

TVNZ CEO Rick Ellis said that having a channel free from advertising-driven ratings pressures makes it possible to give the channel a more distinctive Kiwi flavour than any channel before it.

“We’ll be screening far more quality local programmes in primetime. Around 70 percent of all programming after 4:30 will be local content. That’s more than New Zealanders have seen before and it makes a very distinctive viewing experience. It really is TV with a kiwi accent,” Mr Ellis said.

Programming on TVNZ 6 is divided between three services:

TVNZ Kidzone 6:00 am  4:30 pm
Quality educational TV programmes for preschoolers. 50% local content.

TVNZ Family 4:30pm  8:30pm
Programmes selected on the criteria that the whole family will want to watch them together. 50% local content.

TVNZ Showcase 8:30pm  midnight
More challenging drama, arts and comedy programmes for adults. 70% local content.

TVNZ had commissioned new local content for each of the three services. Mr Ellis said forming partnerships with other organisations had been a distinctive feature of the new channel’s approach.

“We’ve been looking for partner organisations that share the same public service values as TVNZ 6. We’ve made a fantastic series with the Department of Conservation called Meet the Locals about New Zealand’s wild things, wild places and the people that protect them. Plus, we’re planning for other series with Plunket.”

TVNZ will launch a second channel carrying documentary, news and factual programmes called TVNZ 7 on Freeview in March 2008.


  1. lynda ramsay says:

    we are loving channel 6 showcase, but where do we get a programme schedule for it, so that we can know what is on to watch and when?????

  2. L.G.Klinkhamer says:

    Please advise how I can find out what programmes are being played on freeview.I have a set installed but do not know what is on or when and on which channel.

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