Special mention for NZ short film at Berlin Film Festival

Take 3 Short Film
Take 3 NZ short film
Roseanne Liang’s short film Take 3 received a special mention in the Generation 14plus competition of the 58th Berlin International Film Festival. The award ceremony was held in the Babylon theatre in Berlin on Friday night. Writer/director Liang was in attendance at the ceremony along with producer Owen Hughes and New Zealand Film Commission short film manager, Juliette Veber.

Take 3 is a short film about three Asian actresses who transcend professional rivalry in one gleeful act of solidarity. The youth jury commented that “the three charismatic actresses and the fresh and wacky approach communicated with great ease by this film inspired us immensely”. Director Liang thanked all the people of New Zealand in her acceptance speech.

“We are thrilled with this award because the Berlinale is one of the top European film festivals and the competition was tough,” said NZFC short film manager Veber. “There were some fantastic short films in the Generation 14plus section. It was such a pleasure to watch Take 3 with the audiences in Berlin. The award was an honour for us.”

New Zealand was well represented at the 58th Berlinale with Take 3, Run, Taua and The Trophy screening in competition of the Generation Kplus and 14plus sections. Take 3, Run and Taua were funded by the short film fund of the NZFC. The Trophy was funded by the Screen Innovation Production Fund with post production funding from the NZFC

For more information about the Berlin International Film Festival visit http://www.berlinale.de/en/HomePage.html

Title: Take 3
Duration: 12 mins
Writer/Director: Roseanne Liang
Producer: Owen Hughes
Logline: Three Asian actresses transcend professional rivalry in one gleeful act of solidarity


  1. I volunteered my services for this short film as location manager. It was an absolute pleasure to work with all the talented cast and crew on this shoot. Roseanne hit the nail on the head by showing the viewer a real and funny look at how ‘Auditions” can really suck. Absolute brilliance with the script and wickedly casted, throw that together with a bunch of crew working on fumes and you have Take 3 in all its glory.
    Well done all!

  2. Mere says:

    Thiss Movie Was Likee , Literally The Best At The Film Festival I Went To Last Year ! =] Awsome ! & Funny Azz


  1. [...] Three were brilliant and three were ho-hum so I just won’t mention those. Roseanne Liang’s Take 3 sees three young Asian actresses auditioning for parts. There are a couple of classic moments [...]

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