3 NZ short films selected for Edinburgh film festival

Mia Blake as Evie in This is Her
Mia Blake stars as Evie in the NZ short Film – This is Her
Three New Zealand short films have been selected to screen in the 62nd Edinburgh International Film Festival this June.

“Edinburgh is one of the UK’s premiere festivals, so we are thrilled to have three New Zealand short films selected this year. This Is Her, Careful with that Axe and New Educational Series: Canaries In Colour are very different films but each share a subversive sense of humour. This fits perfectly with Edinburgh’s reputation for exposing cutting edge new talent,” says NZFC Short Film Manager Juliette Veber.

This Is Her is a 12 minute black tale directed by Katie Wolfe about the bitter aftertaste of love. As she watches her younger self in the throes of childbirth, Evie’s devastatingly wry commentary reveals exactly what life has in store for her, her loving husband, and the six year old bitch who will one day steal his affections and destroy her life. This is Her is written by Kate McDermott and produced by Felicity Letcher and Rachel Lorimer.

Careful with that Axe is a two minute black comedy written and directed by Jason Stutter about a young boy who tries his hand wood chopping firewood with his father’s razor sharp axe. Finding the axe heavy, he rests his bare foot on the chopping block… The short film is inspired by the song Careful with that Axe, Eugene by Pink Floyd and it screens before the “darkly witty” British feature film Mum and Dad.

New Educational Series – Canaries In Colour is an animated pastiche of found graphic material from AV learning programs of the 1970s by Jill Kennedy. The viewer is taken on a psychedelic journey through a book of canaries, with animated excursions to scrolling landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and back again. Canaries In Colour will screens in Black Box shorts, a section dedicated to new experimental work.

This Is Her was funded by the Short Film Fund of the New Zealand Film Commission. Careful with that Axe and New Educational Series – Canaries In Colour were funded independently by the filmmakers. Jill Kennedy will travel to Edinburgh to attend the screenings with assistance from the New Zealand Film Commission.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival is one of the UK’s most significant and valued cultural institutions. The festival aims to stand internationally as a festival of discovery, a celebration of cinema, a centre of debate and a catalyst for new films.

The 62nd Edinburgh International Film Festival runs 18 – 29 June 2008, for more information see www.edfilmfest.org.uk

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