Naked News Flash presenter found for Alt TV

Naked News Presenter
In March Alt TV advertised for a presenter for their proposed show Naked News Flash.
What we are looking for:

Alt TV is looking for someone who has the ability to speak clearly, articulately and confidently. You must be well presented, comfortable in your own skin and not be shy about having your breasts/chest broadcast on national television.

What you will get:

The successful candidate will be given a three month contract, their own show on Alt TV, a Brass Magazine covershoot, future endorsements with Marquis Condoms, a weekly supplementary wage, along with the obvious media attention that will come with the job.

They have chosen a presenter in former bikini streaker, part-time lap dancer and former stripper Lisa Lewis who’s 15 minutes of fame was as a bikini clad streaker during a televised rugby match between Ireland and the All Blacks in June 2006. And later she went on to auction the bikini she wore on popular auction website trademe.

In Alt TV’s own words:

We live in a world where broadcast news is fast becoming a sensationalized hash of human interest pap and titillation. Alt TV throws their hat into the ring of news coverage and takes the current trend to its logical conclusion, by providing bulletins from 10pm weekdays in unflinching fashion… and stripped bare.

Alt TV and Marquis Condoms have found a NZ anchor with no inhibitions on reporting the facts that matter, delivering hard hitting commentary and showing their ‘assets’ in front of a large news hungry audience. Although critics may crow that objectification will overshadow news content, Alt TV reassures viewers that integrity will not be sacrificed for flesh. From May 12th catch Marquis Condoms’ Naked News Flash from 10.00 pm, weeknights on Alt TV.

Alt TV is an independent TV station based in New Zealand. We broadcast on SKY 65 in New Zealand and online at


  1. nick says:

    Bring this fine female Kiwi specimen here to Austrlia if the Kiwi’s are not sure where to place her on TV, the Aussie’s need more of this girl. This girl has been drinking plenty of milk, great bod!
    Keep up the good work and push up’s love, great bod, pretty face, and nice legs, I can tell she works out, too much on lifting the milk jugs, her arms are toned too!
    Come to Aussie Land, I’ll buy you a cow, I promise.

  2. BCastNZ says:

    Previous archives of her episodes of Naked News Flash can be found @

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