Rocked the Nation: 100 NZ Music moments set to launch

Karen Hay
Karen Hay hosts Rocked the Nation
Rocked the Nation: 100 NZ Music Moments counts down the 100 most seminal moments in New Zealand music in a six week series starting on Monday, May 26th at 11:30pm on TV3.

Hosted by former ‘Radio With Pictures’ presenter Karyn Hay, Rocked the Nation will take viewers on a ride through the top 100 moments in Kiwi music, revisiting the events and the songs that have had the greatest influence on not just our music, but also our lives.

Rest assured New Zealand’s music archives have been scoured, researchers have worked late into the night, and the greatest music minds of our generation have been spoken with to come up with what is a definitive look at our music history.

Rocked the Nation will features interviews with New Zealand’s most influential musicians, including: Neil and Tim Finn, Scribe, Supergroove, Chris Knox, Hayley Westenra, Sharon O’Neill, Moana Maniapoto, True Bliss, Dawn Raid and many more…plus the show will bring you never before seen archive footage from some of the most pivotal moments in New Zealand music history.

Highlights from the series include:

Firsts: our first number one, the first recorded NZ song and the first ever video banned from TV!
International successes: Grammy’s, international record deals, top of the charts worldwide – we talk to those who made it big over there.
The Influential: Musicians that spawned imitators started a scene and inspired new sounds. The headlines; newsworthy riots, bankruptcy and drug use.
Anecdotes: What goes on tour stays on tour – not for us. We include the famous, the infamous and most newsworthy moments.

In this week’s premiere episode Rocked the Nation will take a look at the iconic New Zealand music video show that was part of everyone’s Saturday night; the New Zealanders who sold over 600, 000 CDs in Asia – but made nothing for their troubles; and find out who had the power to bring Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedded, Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and The Smith’s Johnny Marr to Auckland to perform for five concerts?

This premiere episode will also feature interviews with musical characters who comprise of a ‘who’s who’ in New Zealand music including: Savage, YDNA and Brotha D from Dawn Raid, Neil Finn, Daniel Keighley (of the infamous Sweetwater’s 99), Paddy Free, Richard Driver, Wayne Mason and Barry Saunders of the Warratahs, New Zealand’s youngest chart topper David Curtis, Blindspot, When the Cat’s Away, Concord Dawn, Ardijah, and Steriogram.

Produced by the award winning team at Satellite Media and directed by Mitchell Hawkes, considered to be one of New Zealand’s foremost directors specialising in music; Rocked the Nation is a compelling, informative, iconic, credible and entertaining series that will lure you into the heady world of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll for an hour every week culminating in our number one New Zealand music moment.

Make sure not to miss this truly fascinating series when it premieres on Monday, May 26th at 11:30pm on TV3.


  1. Alexia Carkson says:

    Is this TV series available on DVD? I would like it for educational purposes. :)

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