State of Origin TV show Rugby v Rugby League

Oscar Kightley - State of Origin hostHosted by Oscar Kightley, Stage of Origin pits rugby players against league players in a hilarious theatre sports comedy special. Stage of Origin screens on Friday, May 9th at 8:30pm on 3.

Stage of Origin takes some of rugby and league’s hardest men and watches them do everything from River Dancing to being drag queens as they battle for bragging rights as to which code is the wittiest and most talented off field and on stage.

This is the fifth annual Stage of Origin show. Last year captain Eroni Clarke and his team had a close victory to take the fourth annual title. Can they do it again in 2008?

“Although it is a friendly competition, the League boys are keen to re-establish themselves as the Stage of Origin champions in 2008,” Wesley Faleolo, the intellectual property owner of the Stage of Origin concept said when asked about the competition between the two teams.

The comedy special is filmed two days prior at the Beaumont Centre in Auckland. Although the special makes great TV, its primary purpose is to raise money for community groups. Sport clubs, schools, even the New Zealand Special Olympics take advantage of the offer to sell tickets to the event and keep $20 from each ticket sold.

Stage of Origin also works to add its name to the domestic violence campaign “It’s Not Okay”. But it is okay to ask for help, and this is the message the event hopes to deliver.

The event also acts as a stage to promote up and coming New Zealand music acts. Successful groups such as Adeaze, Spacifix and Cydel have all been known to grace the stage.

The Union boys will again be captained by Eroni Clarke, with Steve Devine, Jerome Kaino, and David Smith all confirmed to battle it out for their side. The Unions will also be joined by supporting celebrity Nainz from R&B group Adeaze.

For the League team, Wairangi Koopu will captain Michael Witt and Laughing Samoan Tofiga Fepulea’i, among others.

Make sure not to miss Stage of Origin when is screens on Friday, May 9th at 8:30pm on 3.


  1. katie jones says:

    is it possible to buy this on dvd, my mum would love it :0)

  2. eden sinclair says:

    I watched this on channel 3 and gosh it was soooooo funny!!!!! Loved it!!

  3. Yoko maimiso says:

    would love to know where I could order the dvds for the Stage of Origin from when it started. Living in Australia and missing some good Kiwi shows..

  4. Janine Eli says:

    Hi there, Is there a video or dvd of the whole night event. If so how much.


  5. maine says:

    i’ve only just seen this and didnt even know it existed, So , Are any of the stage of origin shows on dvd at all????? I live in sydney and they have just released the oz version of stage of origin last month in manly , but its nothing like back home. we’re just too funny!!!lol But heads up please on dvd’s and where you can get it?????


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