New Game Show Dare to Win set for launch on TV2

Dare To Win is TV2’s new local family show hosted by Dominic Bowden. Families, flatmates, colleagues, or club members accept challenges to learn new skills with the chance of winning major prizes for themselves and their group.

Teams of four people are given a challenge, either coordination or memory based, and they have one week to practice.

They then go before a Studio Audience where one person from the team is chosen to complete the challenge.

If they succeed they get $10,000 worth of prizes . . . if they fail – nothing!

It is set for launch on Sunday 22 June at 7:30pm on TV2


  1. tam says:

    how do you apply for game shows?

  2. ashleigh says:

    i want to know how to enter a person

  3. Emma Brightwell says:

    I have a deaf fanice whos a father to 2 kids and i would like him to have a go at a challenge and to show deaf people out there that they can do it thanks hehe

  4. Aimee Meadows says:

    Hey there,

    My partner Sam Foster is always watching these shows from the couch saying how he can do better, I would love to see him have a go. We could easily come up with a hard case team from Hokitika here.

  5. Duncan McMillan says:

    How do I enter Dare to Win?

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