New local comedy Burying Brian starts in July

Jodie Dorday, Rebecca Hobbs, Carrie McLaughlin, Ingrid Park and Shane Cortese star in new local comedy-drama, Burying Brian.

Jodie’s life is turned upside down after she loudly drunkenly declares to her friends in a bar that she wishes her husband, Brian, would drop dead – and then returns home to find that her wish has been granted.

In a panic, she realises that her husband’s accidental death will now look anything but – so she enlists her friends’ help to remove his body and bury it in an empty field, thus removing all evidence of his death. After concocting a story that Brian has run away with his mistress, Jodie initially thinks she’s got away with the cover-up, but things soon start to unravel – beginning with the revelation that the field Brian is buried in is being dug up for housing redevelopment.

The new show is produced by Eyeworks Touchdown and launches Wednesday 2 July, 8:30pm on TV1


  1. Nicola Mann says:

    Great Show! A great fresh series at last! Love the actors and concept.

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