What's Really In Our Food? new series on TV3

Petra Bagust hosts What’s Really In Our Food?, a brand new show based on the popular Inside New Zealand documentary of the same name. What’s Really In Our Food? premieres Tuesday 24th at 8pm on TV3.

The show investigates the food we eat, exploring the benefits and risks and debunking some of the popular myths or misunderstandings surrounding so many food products.

What’s Really in Our Food? finds out where our food comes from and how it is made, and along the way demystifies the science, tests the ingredients and translates the labels.

Presented in a lively entertaining style, the show has a menu that will appeal to a wide range of eaters, covering everything from chicken nuggets to oysters. Petra will speak to both local and international food experts – leading medical professionals, scientists, and nutrition experts – unravelling the processes involved in the production of our food.

Petra says the series has definitely proven beneficial for her in identifying the benefits and risks of many food products. “It’s been great to learn more about the way we produce and eat our food.”

But is there hope for New Zealanders’ to change their eating habits and learn more about the food we eat?

“Let’s put it this way – it’s not all bad news, hopefully the show will be encouraging for people to find out what’s really in their food,” she says.

This week’s premiere episode looks at chicken. Chicken is now big business in New Zealand, a three-quarter of a billion dollar industry in fact. But does the way we raise our chickens affect the food we eat?

Barn raised chickens versus free range – is there any benefit to us, the consumer, in buying free range? Does one taste better than the other? Are hormones and antibiotics used by chicken farmers?

Find out the answer to all these questions when What’s Really in our Food? premieres on Tuesday, June 24th at 8:00pm on TV3.

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