Craig Hall newest face on Outrageous Fortune

Craig Hall
Craig Hall, the newest face to join the Outrageous Fortune cast had a bit of a head start when it came to being a Westie, so he’s in his element when we learn more about his character Nicky, Sheree’s brother – tonight (Tuesday July 8 at 9.30pm).

Hall says he’s always watched and enjoyed the show the show and it helped that he knew most of the cast already.

“It was great to get this role. It’s a little bit like coming full circle because I did a local film a few years ago called Savage Honeymoon which was about a Westie family [directed by Outrageous Fortune director Mark Beesley) and this show is sort of reminiscent of that in some ways,” he adds.

But when honest about any true connections he has to Westie culture he has to confess.

“Other than loving motorcycles and leather, not really! Although, hard rock music is still pretty much my favourite.”

When it comes to Hall’s Outrageous Fortune character Nicky, he is very smart and equally as tough. He owns a fighting gym in West Auckland. It’s not one of your nancy Pilates type gyms, it’s a place for real guys. Which Nicky certainly is.

He’s built, but not into Popeye territory, and has presence. He’s not a guy to be messed with, and people seem to know it. This involves taking opportunities when he sees them and cultivating a wide circle of acquaintances.

Nicky had the odd brush with the law when he was younger, and it has to be said that he is not from the squeakiest of families.

Hall says his character is very ambitious and has his eye on the prize.

“He runs a boxing gym and he has been a fighter so he knows how to handle himself and he’s also very smart. I think he uses his brain to try and get the best out of any opportunity that comes his way. Although when that approach doesn’t work, he’s not shy of bringing out the muscle,” he says.

His on-screen sister Sheree (Tyler-Jane Mitchel) comments to Wolf (grant Bowler) on his ambition too and Hall comments: “I think that sense of striving for something comes from his upbringing which was pretty rough.”

For all his toughness, Nicky has an easy social manner, but he doesn’t trust a lot of people. He is cynical about human nature and believes it’s a dog eat dog world. Nicky has plans to be top dog, and stay there, by whatever means necessary.

Hall has an extensive list of film, television and theatre credits to his name. Most recently he starred as Tom Shrift in the New Zealand feature film Show of Hands (also starring Melanie Lynskey which is due for release in 2008 ) as well as the 2007 Kiwi-made horror film 30 Days of Night.

Hall’s television credits include TV3’s drama series The Strip, his other television stints include roles in Ike Countdown to D-Day, Mataku, Revelations, Mercy Peak, Xena – Dangerous Prey as well as appearances in Shortland Street, Forbidden Island, Street Legal, Cleopatra, Duggan II, The Chosen and Hercules – Highway to Hades.

From 1996 to 2004, Hall also appeared in a collection of short films including Knife Shift, Embers, Gateway to Hell, Homekill and Siren.

Be watching Outrageous Fortune (Tuesday July 8 at 9.30pm on TV3).

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