The 200kg Kid documentary

At almost 200kg, 15-year-old Haumoana Kopua is believed to be New Zealand’s heaviest teenager. He is already showing early signs of serious diseases, but his family have embarked on countless failed diet and exercise regimes and they feel as though they are out of options. Could surgery be the answer? Inside New Zealand: The 200kg Kid finds out on Thursday, August 7th at 9:30pm on 3.

At 14-years-old, Haumoana hit 190kg. Now too big to exercise, he is unable to bend over to pick up a ball, and even walking is difficult. His family fear he could be bedridden within a decade and Haumoana’s, surgeon Dr. Rob Fris believes “medical intervention is his only chance at a normal life.”

Gastric banding has never been performed on someone as young as Haumoana in New Zealand. He could lose up to 100kg and be half his size, but only if he’s prepared to make big changes.

Only five teenagers in the last five years have been funded for obesity surgery by the Ministry of Health due to very limited public funding. However Haumoana’s family need to raise $15,000 for the operation to happen privately otherwise he could be on the waiting list for years.

Surgery for the morbidly obese is considered an extreme intervention by the MoH, but Dr Fris believes that in the long run they save the system money. Obesity related costs to the health system are between $450 million and $500 million per year, making the cost of an operation seem comparatively small. As Dr Fris advocates, “It’s not a cosmetic operation. It’s an operation to save lives.”

Inside New Zealand: The 200kg Kid learns the fate of Haumoana on Thursday, August 7th at 9:30pm on 3.


  1. Pathma Vas says:

    Hi, i just watched this documentary in UK. I have been an obese myself from the age of 30 right up to 42. I developed Type 2 diabetes and as a result had many fertility issues with no chance of having kids till now. My weight gain started when i lost my mum suddenly in 1997. I plunged my self into severe depression and hence food was the only thing that could comfort me. And then in 2001 my husband lost his job and mum, that didnt help either. He went into severe depression as he couldn’t get a job anywhere. And when your world falls apart around you, there was this one time i could have jump off the platform onto a running train.

    When i realised what diabetes could do (it killed my mom) i decided to take control of my self, weight and my depression. I knew i couldnt do this my self and got my husband involved too. And we have never looked back.

    We changed our eating habits, got help with excersice, depression and other issue.

    Having watched the documentary i am sure Haumoana will keep loosing weight and will lead a healthier life too.

    Pls, do pass this message and my email to him and his family if they want to share their experiences with me.

    Many thanks

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