Beijing Olympics TV coverage in HD through Freeview

Freeview will be giving Kiwis access to the Olympics in high definition and 5.1 surround sound* on TV ONE, coupled with unprecedented 24/7 coverage on Freeview channel 20 – TVNZ Sport Extra.

Steve Browning, GM of Freeview, comments: “More than 4 billion people are expected to watch the Olympic Games in Beijing, which will comprise 302 events in 28 sports. So with the depth and breadth of competitions available to enjoy, there’s never been a better time to get Freeview|HDTM, particularly with the hardware options growing by the week”.

The recent launch of Sony’s BRAVIA V and W series televisions were the first of the new line-up of integrated digital TVs with Freeview|HDTM built-in. This was swiftly followed by the introduction of the premium Sharp AQUOS D84X series integrated digital TVs. And more integrated televisions are expected shortly from other leading consumer electronics manufacturers. These compelling new products eliminate multiple remotes, extra cables and simplify installation because there is no requirement for a separate digital receiver to receive the Freeview|HDTM service.

For viewers who already have an HD capable television, Freeview is pleased to announce the launch of the second Freeview|HDTM digital receiver, the HT3000 from Homecast. This is yet another great option to get the best Olympic TV seat in the house, access to at least 9 TV and 2 radio services, and the full digital experience with no monthly fees and no contract.

And for those people not sure whether they can receive Freeview|HDTM, an innovative and easy to use Google maps tool has been added to the Freeview website to help viewers check whether they are within coverage by simply entering their street address.

The Freeview|HDTM service is currently available to around 75 per cent of New Zealand homes via UHF transmission. Homes outside these areas can still enjoy the benefits of digital TV, including two channels of Olympics coverage, with the purchase of a Freeview satellite receiver, and satellite dish if required.


  1. I just purchased the Homecast HT3000 last weekend and I have done a quick review on my first impressons. It’s on my blog at:

    Being a Freeview certified unit, the HT3000 will automatically degrade any video output over component cables to a maximum resolution of 576i and 576p. To experience the full HD capabilities you need to use an HDMI connection. Otherwise its a great little unit.

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