Kiwi company launch SingQ mobile music with lyrics

Have you ever thought you knew the lyrics to a popular song only to find out just how wrong you were? Vodafone customers are being treated to a special offer of Kiwi Summer Hits on Vodafone Live that gets the lyrics right.

The lyrics are provided by SingQ, an innovative technology that enhances the experience of mobile digital music by providing synchronized scrolling lyrics to downloaded music videos. For a live preview visit

In association with the Vodafone Live Network, customers can sample the SingQ preview at no extra by downloading Kiwi hits from Opshop, Brooke Fraser, Hollie Smith, P Money, Elemeno P, Evermore, Boh Runga, Tiki Taane, Smashproof featuring Gin, Devolo and The Feelers.

The Vodafone SingQ Summers Hits is a digital bundle limited to New Zealand customers. The offer runs until 14 April and is designed to raise awareness and drive sales of popular tracks from New Zealand artists.

SingQ was developed by Kiwa International, an Auckland IT innovation company.

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