ONEDREAMRUSH 42 Second Film Showcase Enlists 42 World-Class Directors To Create Short Films About Dreams; Debut in Beijing

42BELOW, in partnership with China’s largest film studio, the Beijing Film Studio, announces today the upcoming launch of ONEDREAMRUSH, a curated exhibition of 42-second short films by 42 of the world’s most innovative and respected filmmakers.

Four of New Zealand’s most celebrated directors: Niki Caro (Whale Rider, North Country), Florian Habicht (Woodenhead, Kaikohe Demolition), Taika Waititi (Eagle vs. Shark, Flight of the Conchords), and Chris Graham (Sione’s Wedding, The Ferryman) will be on hand to celebrate the global launch at an event in Auckland on 2 March 2009. All four directors are contributing a 42-second short film created specifically for the project, and a world premiere of three of these (those by Niki Caro, Florian Habicht and Taika Waititi) will take place at the Auckland event.

The New Zealand auteurs join an already impressive roster of directors, an eclectic, international cross-section of the global community of film luminaries, including James Franco, Tadanobu Asano, Kenneth Anger, Zhang Yuan, Harmony Korine, Lou Ye, Carlos Reygadas, Asia Argento, Rinko Kikuchi, Terry Richardson, Sean Lennon, and many more.

All participating ONEDREAMRUSH directors work independently and have full artistic license to create their own vision based on only one directive: to create a 42-second film that takes as its inspiration the question, “How do we dream?” Once completed, each director’s film is featured on the content portal www.42× for one year. The project will culminate with the ONEDREAMRUSH Gala held in Beijing on April 2, 2009, hosted by the Beijing Film Studio with the majority of participating directors in attendance.

“The goal of the ONEDREAMRUSH 42-second Film Showcase is to unite the world’s premier filmmakers, as well as China’s most creative industry pioneers, under the umbrella of artistic autonomy and showcase their work together,” said Paul Dibbayawan, CEO of 42BELOW vodka. “We are building connections between artists of different cultures and backgrounds, while building a deeper understanding of China’s growing contribution to the world of film.”

Niki Caro – Director
New Zealand’s most celebrated directorial export in recent memory, Niki has won more than her fair share of international accolades.

Her 2002 breakthrough film, WHALE RIDER, the story of a young Maori girl who must challenge tribal orthodoxy to fulfill her destiny, won the Audience Award at numerous international film festivals, including Sundance, Toronto and San Francisco.

Her follow-up movie, NORTH COUNTRY, with Charlize Theron, was nominated for two Academy Awards, a Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

She is currently completing her latest project, THE VINTNER’S LUCK, which charts a 19th century winemaker’s search for perfection.

Florian Habicht
Born in Berlin and transplanted to New Zealand as a child, Florian Habicht is a graduate of Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts.

His first indie hits were the darkly surreal 2003 fairy tale, WOODENHEAD, and 2004’s KAIKOHE DEMOLITION, which won Best Digital Feature at the NZ Film Awards.

He recently premiered RUBBINGS FROM A LIVE MAN, a documentary exploring the life and work of flamboyant performer Warwick Broadhead, and became the first recipient of the Harriet Friedlander Residency, which sponsors a sojourn in New York City for a highly innovative and promising Kiwi creative under the age of 40.

Florian is allergic to zebras.

Taika Cohen – Director, Actor, Writer, Painter, Comedian

Taika Waititi – a.k.a. Taika Cohen – is of mixed Maori and Jewish heritage.

His short film, TWO CARS, ONE NIGHT was nominated for an Academy Award, while his follow-up short, TAMA TU, won prizes at both the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals.

His ironic wit was admirably showcased in his first feature, the 2007 EAGLE vs. SHARK, which led influential United States entertainment publication, Variety to name him one of ten new talents to watch by influential United States entertainment publication, Variety.

He also continues his long-standing collaboration with Kiwi comedians Jemaine Clement and Bret MacKenzie, writing and directing episodes of the cult momedy, FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS.

Chris Graham – Director and screenwriter
Chris started out as a graffiti artist in his native Wellington before moving to New York to study film at the city’s School of Visual Arts.

After work experience on independent films and studio features, he returned to New Zealand and established himself as a leading director of music videos and TV commercials.

His 2004 short film, WATER, a surrealistic thriller, screened in competition at the Sundance Film Festival and his 2006 comedy, SIONE’S WEDDING, featuring local funnymen The Naked Samoans, was an international crowd pleaser.

In 2007 he switched genres with the horror film THE FERRYMAN.

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  1. ANN MCGOWAN says:

    Dear Niki,

    In 2008 I was in a film for 42×42 and never saw or heard anything about it. I will give you a few details hoping you can at least give me details of the director or staff and directions to locate the film.
    As follows-
    A Japanese film maker who is also a still photographer, no English.
    An American who spoke Eng/Jap. who might have been director.
    Filmed in NYC on the upper West side in a vintage apartment.
    I was wearing along black lace dress.

    I hope you can assist me.

    Thank you in advance.


    Ann McGowan

  2. ANN MCGOWAN says:

    Want very much to find the film and the photographer. Thanks,

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