Gorilla TV launches unique web and TV integration

After many months of development Gorilla-TV is launching this month on Juice TV and www.gorilla-tv.com

Gorilla-TV is a unique blend of old-school static television and new age web interaction.

Every month teams from all over the country submit a 4 minute television pilot. The pilots go onto Gorilla-TV.com where the public vote on them. It’s completely free to enter.

There may dozens of good pilots but there can only be 5 shows ‘green-lit’ to air.

The prize, if you make the Top 5, is for your show at the end of the month, to play NATIONWIDE on Juice TV.

But it doesn’t stop there. The following month winners go on to make a 2nd episode of their series while people who didn’t make the Top 5 scrap their idea and start fresh with a new one.

People can make that TV show they’ve always dreamt about, and if it makes it to the Top 5 thousands of people across the country will be watching. In our books there is no better prize than that.

They could become the next Fonzie. They could gain a cult following. All on a shoestring budget from their backyard.

Go to www.Gorilla-TV.com for all the details and to see the television commercial currently running on Juice TV.

Behind the show

Gorilla-TV is created by Christchurch producer Logan McMillan (Gorilla Pictures) in conjunction with Juice TV.

Logan has produced and directed over 40 music videos, and his debut feature length film “Last of the Living” premiered at last years NZ Film Festival – going on to pick up international distribution through a US based company. After many unsuccessful bids Gorilla-TV is the first television concept that has been given a green light for the 28 year old.

Gorilla-TV came out of Logan’s, and fellow filmmakers Ben Edwards and Morgan William’s, desire to have ideas that they make broadcast on TV in some form. They also saw a large market of like minded people in NZ (entrants of 48hours and various other festivals) that would be excited at the possibility of such a TV & web based show.


  1. I have YouTube video I created as a doco. I have short film scripts. Found this via Juice TV tonight. Never heard of it before tonight. Interest please contact me. Martin.


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