The Erin Simpson Show is set to attract the teen audience on TV2

TV2 is set to launch a brand new teen show called The Erin Simpson Show on April 27th! They are promising a fresh, edgy, must-see half hour everyday in the 4:30 – 5:00 pm weekday spot. The Erin Simpson show is produced by Whitebait TV, the people behind the successful kid’s show “What Now”.

Join loveable TV star Erin Simpson, to kick start your afternoons. Hang out, chill and forget your cares while we make you laugh with the best TV show ever!

This awesome new show is packed with stuff you love and we know you want heaps of music, so we’ve got your ear candy sorted! Not only is there a hot, young resident houseband to rock out to but Erin gets the party started with a surprise music video that’s also the show’s theme tune! She’ll join forces with famous NZ band Good Night Nurse to write this catchy hit tune which you’ll be humming all day!

Using the coolest technology from iPods to iPhones and Macs, Erin will be getting all the best bits from surfing the net, downloading tunes and videos, chatting to stars, competitions, free stuff and sweet as prizes!

Fed up of boring TV that tells you what to do? Who cares? Well we do! We want you to tell us what you want and how you want it, so there’ll be heaps of ways to connect, send in your ideas and talk.

Every week Erin will hook up with a team of reporters who are her eyes and ears across the country. These up and coming New Zealanders are really passionate about their jobs and know exactly what’s hot. Fashion is looked after by Katy Thomas; music maven Ruby Frost keeps us posted on the latest music and dance; up-and-coming Crusader Isaac Ross is all things sports; gaming and technology is covered by our favourite funny man Chang from The Edge; and Kimberley Crossman of Shortland St fame reviews all of the latest TV and movies. You’re guaranteed an exclusive front row seat to the biggest events and happenings!

Even Erin’s best mates get in on the act, bringing their own brand of mischief to the show. These two cheeky boys are naughty, full of surprises and love a bit of chaos. Anything can happen when these guys are around cos playing tricks and pranks is their thing. So be warned cos the boys will be roaming the streets of your town looking for unsuspecting members of the public!

Speaking about the new series, Producer Emma Gribble says: “This is a first for Whitebait TV and New Zealand, a totally new magazine format that caters for a cool but demanding audience that will pose some exciting editorial challenges for us.”

“We hope to deliver a series that, besides news, laughs and tasty clips, will have a modern feel, and will really connect with things that make teenagers tick, without being condescending.”

The Erin Simpson Show will broadcast from Monday, April 27th 2009 on TV2 at 4:30 pm.


  1. Samantha says:

    The Erin simpson show website dosent work it says coming soon

    What do i do to get it to work HELP!!

  2. tara sycamore says:

    i think its cool i guess hi mum


  4. hannah parkes says:

    hi erin i am 8 yrs old and i luv your show
    i really love clothes
    luv from hannah

  5. angie says:

    hey erin i love your show and espically the peoople you bring on the show.and will and dan i sooooo

  6. Hi Erin im 9 and i luv your show and all ways watch your show
    its so so so COOL can you be my friend on bebo if you have 1 seeya

    luv arihia

  7. zia cena says:

    hi erin,
    i love your show and you. you are so cool

  8. mathew says:

    your show rules you rock my world

  9. summer says:

    your show is the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  10. mathew says:

    you rule

  11. Izzy-bee says:

    Hey Erin just loving the show because it is so cool I love it also when you get people on the show and when you give things away see ya PEACE OUT ALWAYS WATCHING THE SHOW!!!!!!!! :E :R :I :N :R :O :X

  12. zoe says:

    omg your program is da bomb!!!
    no im serious lol hehe
    um i love ya
    by u rock wwell

  13. grace says:

    hi what up erin

  14. Rangimahora says:

    I have an 11year old son and a 12 year old daughter who watch your programme every day, I too am guilty of enjoying your programme on a regular basis aswell. However what does upset me mostly is the fact that all your competitions involve a computer, we are one of the few families who doesn’t have the privelage of owning one of these modern way’s of communicating. I don’t want to see my two young ones loose hope in yet another programme because of this expense, but I am asking if there was another way of entering your competitions and other forms of fun that your programme has to offer for my young ones and other ones who maybe in the same boat as us.
    Other than that I think You Guy’s Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. brooke nicholls says:

    i love the show and copy cats and erin you rock

  16. Georgia__=----and cur--tly says:

    your show is the best show ever i wish i could watch it all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS AWSOME from biggest fan georgia

  17. Georgia__=----and cur--tly says:

    please email me erin

  18. sydney booth says:



  19. Cody mackay says:


  20. Emma says:

    heey, how are you/
    i’m 12 years old and my birthday is in like 27 days. yay go me!!!! Ok well ill get to the important part. YOU! I love to watch your show and i hope everyone esle loves it as much as i do. so um oneday hope to meet you in person.

    love ya.
    im always enjoying your cool show every day it’s the bestest.


  21. laepa says:

    hi ther e erin how is the show going? what are lovely voice you got


  22. mathew says:

    your show is so awsome i wish i could be on your show,will and dan have to do funny as dears.My favourite dear they did was when they had to get the erin simpson logo but instead they they got a girl to paint the will and dan show.

    $$$share$$$ $$$the$$$ $$$love$$$ $$$from$$$ $$$mathew$$$

  23. mathew says:

    dear erin simpson
    i have to say i have never watched a programe so interesting.with out your show kids would be bored for the rest of their childhood.My birday was ten days ago so im officaily twelve $.you rock and you rule your everthing but sucky.

    lots of xxooxxooxxooxxoo

  24. jessica says:

    hey erin my name is jessica i live in auckland. i love your show i watch it every day and i love will and dans dares. jessica ann whitney and i would like to give a shout out to courtney faith and shontelle and every one at manurewa intermediate school.

  25. joey says:

    hi erin can u plz put vanessa anne hudgens on the show
    and ask her 3 things if she got my letter and if i will be famous
    and to send her autograph to 34 monro st blenheim nz

  26. naya says:

    wow this is cool and arihia u go 2 maeroa ay

  27. Bree russell says:

    Hi Erin you are da bomb your show rox mine and all my friends sox your style is so cool you are so pretty Will and dan are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are a great role modal have a great day!!!!!!!!!! love your biggest fan bree russell and can I please make a shout out to everyone at st.pius school in new plymouth and all my family and friends and a big shout out to laura

  28. nafisah says:

    i just love ur show,erin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. duncan boys says:

    hey erin we are the duncan boys living in whakatane we love your show can you say hello to our family and friends in wairoa

  30. marie arnold says:

    i luv ur show it rox and i watched that show with u erin and tiki taane

  31. Hay Erin what up? How are will and Dan i hope they are having a grate time and by the way i really love your show it is the bomb

  32. Sherhyse says:

    hey erin it’s sherhyse speaking here can I give a shout out to West habour school and Rm 10 TO TEACHER MR BICRH TAUP, SHAINA AMANDA LEVI SHEENA AND AINSLEIGH AND RM 12 MAILA LEAH NATHANEL JUILES

  33. Evana says:

    hey erin can I give a shout-out to….My mates cuzzies and to you also thanks erin.

  34. sarah taani says:

    hi u rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i watch your show every week day and i love it, it is the bestest t.v show ever……… and you are really really pretty…

    sarah taani from mangere, auckland
    age:8 years..

    you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ellezie says:

    Hae Erin IM so sorry about the latness and hear i Just wanted to say that i so love your show and i was gust wondering if i could make a shout out to my cousin around the world nad my famliy

  36. Ellezie says:

    o0h and i was just about to say that im always watching your shows and juet to let you kwon i am a big fan of yours

  37. hay erin just want to say that i really enjoy your shows and think tnat all the talented people are very happy to be on your shows anyway bye…………. xoxoxox

  38. hi erin what do you do to get to that halloween compatetion

  39. hi erin…………… im 9

  40. norman says:

    hi erin What do you do every haloween every year

  41. norman says:

    hi erin um…..well in holloween i always like to buy a costume but that dosent happen and i like your show alot

  42. Ngarangi says:

    haee erin my Name is Ngarangi and i just love your show that i havent
    missed an episode yet.
    I love how you give away prizes i think its really cool.

  43. Eva says:

    HAE ErIN Im 13 aND i REALY rEALy LovE yOUR show lIKE Omg lovE ya yoUR cOOL AS

  44. florita says:

    hey ERIN loves your show HePS!!! its so cool

    every one is wondering who is your mystery lover!!!!???????

    see ya!!! girl!!!

    u rock!!!

  45. Jade Titmus says:

    hae my name is jade and im 13 and i love your show i think it is the best i liove the people that come on your show the best and i watch it every day lol well have a geart day ily

  46. aniwa says:

    hey erin i think your show is the best and that you rock

  47. cecelia says:

    hey i love ur show i always watch it every single day

    i never miss a day
    bye miss yah

  48. Erin woodmore says:

    hey Erin it so funny my name is Erin 2 how kewl is that.hey i watch your show every day and keep my eyes glued to the rock and i cant wait to see your show again i miss you already you r the big sis i have always wanted.

    p.s pls email me some time ae

    Lots of love Erin

  49. Erin woodmore says:

    hey Erin its me Erin again hey could you tell the actor off shortie st Daniel that i love him and he is such a cutie

  50. hy erin i go to james street school whk i just adore your show lol MWHAz.

  51. kenny says:

    hi erin my name is kenny and i love your show and could you say my name and a shout out to my friends todd astyn and caled

  52. kenny says:

    your show rox alot and could i go on your show thanks i hope you get this message

  53. Tamara says:

    hi erin if u hade a chance 2 meat a celep how would u meat?

  54. Hayley Jones says:

    Hey Erin, wats up? How are you?
    I would like to make a shout-out to all my Buddies and mates at Waiuku Primary !!! YOU GUYS ROXMYSOX…. Lol :) Thanks :)
    Your Show is awesome i watch it almost everyday :) :):)
    Bye Erin :) :):):):)

  55. finau says:

    hi erin can i shout out to my friend jack jacob from mangere east primary school

  56. Chevana says:

    Hi Erin Simpson.
    I LUV UR SHOW!!!
    I watch it nearly every day and i’m watchin it right now!! it’s AWESOME.Could i pls hav a shout out 2 ma friends Paris holden, Valentina Miranda, Lystarzia Thopmson and Katherine Paskins, bye the way this is going 2 Palmerston North saint marys school!!!THANKS ALOT!!!

  57. tarrin says:

    i love ur show i always watch it. i wish it could be on on the weekends
    and i will get up at any time just 2 wacth it and i love u erin

  58. finau says:

    hey erin i want to shout out to my friends that go to mangere east primary school lols!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. paige says:


  60. kajsa greening says:

    Dear Erin i love you show heaps i try and watch it every day i also wanted to enter the copy cats to but i need some help on confidence can you please give me some advice


  61. nikita mcdonald says:

    hi erin my hair product i use is dove and it leaves your hair nice abd smooth i would really like a pack of the hair product you are giving away

    love nikita

  62. marge says:

    hi erin yo i marge i live in johnsoville i have my family we are danganan
    family so i love my mum so i also my school is johnosville school
    sorry we have a hoilday for 2 weeks ?

    as you can be good girl or bad girl

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo marge

  63. Angela Anderson says:

    Can you tell me when the days whitebaiting on the Wanganui river is going to show. Emma and Matt came through to take it. can Emma contact me she has my details.

  64. Aisha says:

    Hi Erin Simpson!

    My name is Aisha Abbott. I am 10 years old. I go to Aberdeen school. I am in room 3 and year 5. I live at 36 Hyde ave(nue) Nawton Hamilton in NewZealand. I would love you to come to my house sum times this year! My email is My number is 8464405. I just want to say that last year on your last show, Will had a big cursh on you and he thought you were a monster, remeber? I love you Erin Simpson!!! You a the bestest!!!!!!!!!

    Love From Aisha!

  65. Aisha says:

    Hi Erin Simpson!

    Its me Aisha again and I just want to tell you a joke!

    Q: Where does Mr Karbs keep his bags?
    A: Under his eyes!

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

    Love From Aisha.

  66. Norton says:

    Hi Erin i jst love wathing ur show my names norton im 12 year old and i live in New Zealand Gisborne ur show is the best show in the world u rok oohh and yeah ur hot hahahahyahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhah

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