It’s in the Bag returns to New Zealand TV Screens

Pio Turei and Stacey Morrison present It's In The Bag - 2009 style

Pio Turei and Stacey Morrison present It's In The Bag - 2009 style

It should be interesting to see how the new IT’S IN THE BAG TV Show that is revamped for M?ori Television is going to go.

By hokey, the show that stole our hearts is back – bigger, brighter and better than ever!

IT’S IN THE BAG returns to our screens Sunday May 31 at 7.00 PM.

With the blessing of the Toogood Family Trust, Bluebach Productions, in association with M?ori Television, brings back the show that coined the phrase “What will it be New Zealand, the money or the bag?”

For more than two decades, IT’S IN THE BAG played in town halls and theatres across the motu. It was arguably New Zealand’s most popular local show as it brought the glitz and glamour of television to the provinces and had, for its time, the largest prizes ever given away in a competition of its kind.

And we have retained that winning formula – along with exceptional small town excitement!

Pio Terei has stepped into some formidable shoes to host the show, ably assisted by Stacey Morrison – two of our most experienced and loved M?ori presenters.

Pio Terei jumped at the chance to host. “I have been waiting all my life to do this show – I think I may have been in training for it all along! ”

Stacey Morrison – whose fluency in reo M?ori and warmth with audiences modernises the original show. “I love most that this show is putting positive energy and fun back into our small towns, which so often get missed by entertainers and television – the show has huge heart and that’s certainly what attracted me”.

It in the Bag is produced by Libby Hakaraia of Blue Batch Productions. Libby Hakaraia has been involved in the independent television production industry for the past eight years and has produced and/or directed eleven documentaries for prime time viewing. Blue Bach Productions is based in Otaki and is focused on providing Maori content television across all broadcasters. With 16 years experience in radio, Libby has also produced a first short film with the NZ Film Commission (Hawaikii) and has published two books on Matariki with Reed Publishing.


  1. g.scott says:

    Can you please give me the time for showing its in the bag programme 2 at Halcombe Thanks G Scott

  2. Caroline Smith says:

    Hi there I was on It’s in the Bag Halcombe, screened on 26 of July. I asked for the money $265 and received instead the prize which was in the bag – mussels.
    This is very upsetting because:
    Mum hurt her back moving them
    I need the $$ for registering my car
    I don’t eat animals or seafood as I don’t believe in killing animals and would have refused the prize.
    So please can someone contact me about this.
    81a Beattie St

  3. kiora when is the show from dargaville be showing on television
    because we won some shoes from use so can you please email back

  4. Richard Turner says:

    kiaora i won the hairy mussel pack on the dargavilles show can you please email me back when wer’e going to get them thanks

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