TVNZ launch new rich media entertainment website –

TVNZ new website

TVNZ new website

TVNZ are talking up the launch of their new rich media website with some big claims about what it will achieve. Only time will tell how well they perform.

Watching a TV programme isn’t just about watching anymore – reliving great moments, speculating about upcoming storylines, reading about the actors, watching missed episodes, previews and parallel storylines, seeing ‘behind the scenes’, sharing the latest news and joining the programme’s community to talk about it.

From today kiwis will be able to do that with their favourite programmes on’s new television entertainment site

“We briefed the designers and asked them to provide a site that was a best-in-class rich media experience, not only have they delivered but without overstating it, I think we’re going to deliver the best media site in Australasia”, says TVNZ’s General Manager of Digital Media, Tom Cotter.
TVNZ has been working on the site for the last 8 months. News was the first stage of the new roll-out and since it launched in December it has achieved up to 13 million page impressions, 1.25 million UB’s and almost 1.5 million video streams per month.

“Every month has been streaming the equivalent of 39 years of television to kiwis which is in excess of 300,000 hours of TV watched on our site every month, the new user friendly design and added richness will push those numbers through the roof”.

Some of the features on include:
- catch up on missed episodes – over 160 programmes are available to watch on demand
- behind the scenes, parallel storylines, actor interviews and bios plus many other extras will be available on each programme’s page
- show communities – easy to use message boards for fans to interact with each other on the official programme site
- ability to share the whole programme page or parts of it on Facebook and Bebo
- home page TV schedule – detailing what’s on now, what’s coming up this week and what you missed yesterday so you can catch up by watching it online
- easy to navigate home page by clicking on News, Sport or Television tab

“The new look and new features on is quite a revolution in online television – it’s a significant step forward for TVNZ and the company’s vision of inspiring New Zealanders on every screen but most of all we’re really proud of it and hope our viewers will be too”.

Television’s most popular programmes such as Desperate Housewives, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Coronation Street, Criminal Minds, Shortland Street, Dancing With The Stars, Gossip Girl, Go Girls, Chuck, Brothers & Sisters, Diplomatic Immunity, Stars In Their Eyes, Country Calendar, Te Karere, Good Morning, Tagata Pasifika, Media 7, The Gravy, I AM TV and Lost are just some of the favourite shows that will feature with the richer content from today.


  1. Wendy Hales says:

    I am amazed and upset at T.V. 1′s decision to downgrade Coronation Street to a 5.30 slot. I it is the only programme worth watching now on T.V.1 as most of the programmes are quite frankly rubbish these days. At one time T.V. 1 was the only channel to watch. Many people don’t have My Sky so will now be unable to watch Coronation Street. What an insult to think that Master Chef Australia has “ousted” dear old Coronation Street but why am I not surprised as you seem to be almost anti anything British on T.V.1

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