Whitebait launch 7 million dollar TV and Film production studio

Jason Gunn and Janine Morrell-Gunn

Jason Gunn and Janine Morrell-Gunn

Television personality Jason Gunn and his wife, prominent television producer Janine Morrell-Gunn today announced the opening of their 7 million dollar, 2036m2 purpose built television production and post production facility in Princess St, Christchurch. The spacious and client focussed Whitebait-TV facility is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

It features two television studio’s including at 594m2 one of the largest in the country and a control room that is able to broadcast live to national and international networks. With beautifully appointed greenrooms, wardrobe, makeup and props departments the facility is fully equipped and provides an extensive range of production and post production services including editing, audio post production and animation.

We are excited to be putting an even larger stake in the ground for television production in Canterbury. Jason and I wanted to create a one stop shop, a place that TV people and our clients love to come to.

Janine Morrell-Gunn

By the nature of this industry long hours are often involved and as a presenter I know what a difference it makes to work in a nice environment. This is a purpose built TV facility, New Zealand has nothing else like it. At Whitebait we are passionate about making great telly and this building will allow us to make even more!

Jason Gunn

Whilst purpose built for television production the facility can also cater to the film industry. Gunn hopes to one day produce his own entertainment show from the facility and to bring other shows to South Island audiences. “We want the South Island represented, in all shows, on our screens.” Jason Gunn.
For over a decade Whitebait-TV has produced successful and creative work for New Zealand television networks and businesses.

Whitebait-TV is the producer of New Zealand’s highest rating children’s show “What Now” (TV2), “Animal Academy” presented by Sarah Ulmer (TVNZ6) and the new daily afternoon programme on TV2 “The Erin Simpson Show“.

We are very grateful for the support of TVNZ and NZ on Air – their contracts give us the financial stability to make such an investment.

Janine Morrell-Gunn.

Whitebait-TV produces corporate and commercial work for companies such as NZ Cricket, Ian and Mary Grant at Parents Inc., and The Heart Foundation and collaborates with production houses throughout the country.

A significant Canterbury employer; Whitebait-TV has over 140 people that are either, full time, contracted or freelancing going through the companies books each week. This is 30% up on 2008.

This isn’t just about the building, it’s about people too, and creating a springboard for our wonderfully talented team

Janine Morrell-Gunn

With the opening of this facility Whitebait-TV has firmly cemented its position as a leading production house in New Zealand.


  1. Yasmine Payne says:

    My name is Yasmine and as a company that is wanting to expand in TV programme production and experience in childrens TV I wondered if you would be interested in seeing some childrens books I have written. I believe they would make great series for children.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks

  2. Gina Smith Tana says:

    Hello Janine, It has been such a long time from the day’s of the Hornsby Trust. I live on the Gold Coast , Cara lives in Sydney and Richard lives in Melbourne.
    Really looking forward to hearing from you


    • Janine Morrell- Gunn says:

      Kia Ora Gina

      Our sales manager at work just forwarded your email to me.

      Lovely to hear from you.
      I hope all is well in your world.
      Our big girl Eve (23) is at Victoria Uni, Grace (17) last yr St Margs, Faith (13) and Louis (9) are having a good year.
      I ts hard to believe – but the maths all add up that I am having my half centruy in this June.
      Where have the years gone? Take care. Love Janine x

  3. ariana phillips says:

    jason gunn you are awesome

  4. Hi can you help me Jason i want to be a presenter.
    My dream is to work at white-bait tv so if you can give some help if so can you ring me on (03)9814127 or my email djsuffix@hotmail.com
    Also my hobbies are djing soccer rugby dancing acting.You might have heard of Talent Scouts i signed up for them and they loved me untill
    i dropped out because it was going to cost more than $6000 dollers and at the start they said it would only cost $190 so that sucked.
    So can you please help me.

  5. Charmaine Patel says:

    Hey Jason and Janine Morrell-Gunn
    I’m in the progress in finishing a degree in a few weeks, then I will have a double degree in fine arts and communication. I want to get out there into a studio and edit and learn from people and also in how you work in the real world in putting a live program to TV. I have made about eight short films and I have also done a lot of photography. I have a lot of skills that I can give to Whitebait production studios. I am willing to not get payed and help out in anything and everything that needs help in or even be a water girl, I just want to learn and get experience in a work place for 5 months.. The earliest I will be able to start is July till end of November. I would love you to email me on chickit_out@hotmail.com to tell me what you think of this idea and let me know as soon as you can, Thanks heaps :D

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