New Series Hitched on TV3

fun, romance, laughter and tears coming to our television screens when TV3 premieres its brand new local series Hitched,

Fun, romance, laughter and tears coming to our television screens when TV3 premieres its brand new local series Hitched,

TV3 premieres its brand new local series Hitched, screening on Tuesday, June 30th at 8pm on TV3.

Hitched follows couples behind the scenes on the journey towards the biggest day of their lives – their wedding. In theory, a wedding is the most memorable day of a couple’s life together. A celebration of their love for each other and a time to show friends and family alike that they are committed to a life-long journey together.

In reality, weddings are an expensive, stressful and sometimes traumatic affair. There’s tremendous pressure on the couple for everything to be just perfect, while nobody can agree what perfect is. It’s the bringing together of two families who may not know or even like each other.

Most weddings have a built-in drama factor – be it the interfering mother-in-law, conflicts over vows, venues or night-before nerves.

Add to that endless dealings with caterers, florists, hairdressers, dressmakers. There are tears and tantrums over dress fittings, unhappy bridesmaids, drunken uncles and hung-over grooms. And on top of all that, the average New Zealander pays $20,000 for the privilege.

Hitched covers this, and more. Following couples behind the scenes on the journey towards the biggest day of their lives. The series follows the highs and lows that they encounter as they plan, and arrange their own wedding.

Throughout the series, Hitched will feature weddings that are slightly off the radar – the more unusual the better. The kooky couple who want their wedding to be comedic and chaotic, the couple whose different religions force them to marry twice, the virgins who have more cause for wedding nerves than most. There are missing marriage licenses, misplaced rings, dogs down the aisle and a last minute suspected affair. Hitched hones in on all the stresses and madness leading up to and on the big day itself.

But let’s not forget a wedding is still the most romantic thing a couple can do – so the one thing that’s guaranteed is church loads of emotion. A glorious wedding always brings out the best in people. There will be singing and dancing, tears and laughter, and the big day will be a day everyone will always remember.

Make sure not to miss the first of these explosively exciting tales when Hitched premieres on Tuesday, June 30th at 8pm on 3.


  1. Nadine says:

    Congrats to all the couples who took part. We were asked for an interview and then were told tv3 would come to see us then never heard back. Quiet sad really, as my dad was looking foward to our cultures being shared on tele and passed 5 days after the wedding

  2. Danielle Cooney says:

    They should have put me on that show im 17 years old and i will be 18 when i get married in december this year. Really unusual. The show was interesting and gave me heaps of clues of things that could happen, it was so helpful and the brides looked very pretty.

  3. Levi says:

    Im the stripper that has been on Hitched for the past few weeks. The 1st strip I did I no idea I was about to be filmed, the bride was awesome though. When I stripped for Joe Cotton the party was crazy, as you’ll see on the next episode. :)

  4. Stacey Taylor says:

    Thats it i’m going to investigate entering the next series. My partner and I are high school sweethearts and our wedding would blow all the viewers away!! Wish me luck!!

  5. vicki says:

    What has happen to all the couples Now ? Are they still together, have they got kids What have they done in the last few years, Would they get married again and if so what would they do different?


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