Maori TV's popular Homai Te Pakipaki returns for new series.

Homai Te Pakipaki on Maori Television

Homai Te Pakipaki on Maori Television

The streets around Maori Television’s Newmarket studio will once again ring with the sound of music as the channel’s most popular Friday night live karaoke show, HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI, returns to air.

The show returns with a one-off special of past contestants on Friday April 30 at 8.30 PM, then opens up weekly auditions to wannabe entertainers from May 7.

For the past three years, hopefuls from Kaikohe, Porirua, Hornby, and all points in between, have made the trip to Tamaki Makaurau in the hopes of singing to the nation on the Friday night. Registration begins at 4.30PM and auditions open at 5.00 PM, but it’s not unusual to see some people arriving hours early just to ensure they are the first through the door, such is the interest in the show.

HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI producer Erina Tamepo says she hopes the special that kicks of the new season will encourage talented singers off their couches, or out of their showers as the case may be. “The twelve acts we’ve invited back for the opening special encapsulate the spirit of HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI. They’ve come from all around the country, they’re a variety of ages, iwi, backgrounds, experience and singing styles – the one thing they’ve got in common is that they can all really belt it out.”

She has no doubt that there is still a wealth of untapped talent just waiting to be discovered.

“I expect to see plenty of fresh faces this time around. I don’t think we’ve seen every singer in the country, although we’ve seen more than a few,” she laughs. “There’s always this huge sense of anticipation on Friday afternoon, even amongst the most jaded TV types. Who is going to show up today? How will they handle the material, and what bit of magic will we get to see tonight?”

Matai Smith (Rongowhakaata, Ngai Tamanuhiri, Ngati Kahungunu) will host the new series while Te Hamua Nikora sees to personal matters. He’s been a fan of the show since it started: “I’ve sat at home and been judge and jury from my spot on the couch. I’ve text in my votes. I’ve also been in the studio audience and felt the fear – and then heard the place erupt when someone really nails it. That’s the beauty, and the danger, of live television. There’s no editing, there’s nowhere to hide, just: boom! You’re on and you’ve got to deliver.”

Matai believes the show works best when the singers take classic songs and re-work them, to give them a really personal flavour. “Like Dane Moeke one of the finalists last year. We’ve all heard Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” a thousand times, but he took it, twisted it, and it was amazing. It’s what Stan Walker did with Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” or his cover of Beyonce. It’s not enough to mimic good singers, you’ve got to own the song yourself. I want someone to surprise me. Whether it’s with vocal acrobatics, or a totally different tone, make me go, ‘Wow, what was that?’”

“I love HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI. It’s just so raw, its not fabricated and edited, it’s not slick, but the talent is immense, and that really gets to shine through.”

For those who are yet to discover this gem of show, HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI is a live competition, based on audience text votes. Singers perform every week for the chance to win $1000, and heat winners carry on to the semi-finals. If they come through that, then it’s all on, and they’ll get to sing their hearts out in the grand final, with the chance to win $10,000.

Come join in the fun as the show broadcasts live from Maori Television’s Newmarket studios every Friday night at 8.30 PM. The fourth season begins on Friday April 30, though contestants should hold off until the following week to come and audition.

For information on how to enter, visit HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI’s page on Maori Television’s website


  1. Noel Ngatae says:

    Kia orana Matai

    I would like to know if there’s a possibilty of a duet performers are acceptable on Homai Te Pakipaki as we are keen to deliver our perfomance with a point of difference – appreciate your help, Paki Up!

    I also enjoyed my time on the show last year pefoming Love Boat, thank you & cheers!
    Kind regards
    Noel Ngatae

  2. Twila Campbell says:

    June 09 2010.
    Hi, just wondering when and where the next ‘homai te pakipaki’ auditions are??

  3. kaye whittle says:

    Do you have to be Maori or Polynesian to sing on this show? Or can any enthusiastic singer have a go? Love the relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Keep up the good work!

    Kaye, Te Awamutu

    • sherry says:

      hi ,
      you dont have to just be maori you can be any ethnic ….. i watch homai and its a stage for anyone so you dont have to worry about anything just go to homai in auckland and audition =)


  4. sue williams says:

    kia ora whanau
    we have just returned from a holiday back home in NZ, while there we watched maori television and enjoyed it especially HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI…I would stay up and watch this channel until the station closed awesome awesome awesome!!! you are all doing a great job keep it upxxx

  5. Marty Hinde says:

    Kia ora,

    How Long do the heats run for? WiLL they still be goin in August? I’d Love to come up from Whanga-nui-a-taara for a waiata!!

  6. Mhellany says:

    Is the audition still going on? If yes how do we register?


  7. Tai says:

    hi i like your show …….

  8. Row says:

    Is the audition still going? I would like to come up and have a go this Friday?

  9. Tama says:

    i have no idea wat homai te paki paki is about, but keen az to watch!

  10. josef says:

    Kia Ora
    I would like to have a go and see if I get in…how do i audition or submit and application?
    My mob 0278227771 or emaIL.

  11. john paul says:

    kia ora is the audition still going on if so how do we register on homai te paki paki


  12. Dawn Moana says:

    All the best to all who is competing on Homai Te Pakipaki and best luck to the winner :)

    PAKI UP :)

  13. tahliyahh says:

    when are you have auditions in palmy next ild love to regista mah cuzn
    He keeps saying he wont do it but im tryna encourage him
    i watch it everytime i can!
    ill watch it 2 nyht how bowt it?
    love form

  14. talia says:

    ild also suggest you take josefz comment off koz he left his numba and people could read it and keep his number
    i dont know if he knows this i think he thinks itz confidential when alot of people can get his number
    By the way i watch korero mai aswell and do maori at school im quite fleuent
    xxx taliyahhh

  15. Rangi tu says:

    Hey dudes
    People who watch Homai te pakipaki do not realise the business side of the show.
    The winner is going to be the person who fund raises the most money to buy $50.00 phone cards to give to their supporters.
    Which means the genuine good singers who do not know this are going to miss out.The heats are more honest because you don’t know who is going to get in and you get a limited time to text vote.
    In the semi’s you can vote a day before it starts. (strange?)Maori television know this and stand to make thousands of dollars per vote around 70 cents per text file.
    With the semis and finals coming up, thousands of your dollars are going to be put in the hands of a few. So if you are wanting to win it will take money not necessarily talent. The other winners are telecom and or Vodafone.
    Paki up!!!!!

  16. saane palu says:

    kia ora just wanting to know how do i register to come along and have a sing

  17. Jackly jones says:

    This show is really AMAZING so ill just like to ask if i can sing you can stand for ever and ever

  18. Anita says:

    I hate Homai te pakipaki when they speak like we are backward.
    I watch matai on good morning and he speaks well. why change they way he speaks when we are maori. they all speak dumb and i will never watch it if they think we are dumb……I, as a Maori speak well and so do 99% of Maoris, other 1% are you guys…Winning on a phone call is pretty pathetic too…..

  19. jury te tauri says:

    just wanting to know if i can audition for the show. keen to do what it takes and to sing my heart out

  20. Shiloh Pompey says:

    Wow, I had the most Awsome Experiance performing on Homai. Sad that i didnt win though. but i will come back for round two.

    Thank you’s so much for giving that to me.

    Regards. Shyloh.

  21. URU MORRIS says:



  22. Pene says:

    I’m a big fan of homai te pakipaki! Just wantd to know if i can audition for the show?? I’m really keen to do whatever it takes.

  23. Waitawhara Ratahi says:

    Ki a Ora Whanau

    Nga mihi nui ki nga tangata e kaha ana ki te whakataetae mo te tunga tuatahi o tenei whakaatura tino paapai rawa atu.

    E tautoko ana ahau i te kaupapa nei,
    Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa i tae whakama atu, I TO KOUTOU TAETANGA I PATUA TE WHAKAMA. Koia kei a koutou

    PAKI UUUUUP!!!!!

  24. tania says:

    hi guys

    love the show but lately your sound system sounds like shit on tv and tonight was the worse ever. it done no justice for the contestants and watching the show tonight was very painful and an embarassment. get someone on there that knows what the hell theyre doing so i can at least enjoy the bloody song. i hope to see and hear a major difference next week.

    thanx for nothing tonight

    • tania says:

      yep 2nites show was a total let down for the contestants. i couldnt even hear the music at all and when you can hear it it sounds like crap. AMATEURS!! THE PRIZE WILL HAVE TO BE $1m before i allow them 2 shame me on national tv aahhh

  25. Aye W says:

    Kia ora .. i am wanting the vid clip for homai te pakipaki that screened tonight (24/08/2012) .. as i seen my uncle and my aunty on there and would love to share it on my facebook page :D

    Petra Rijnbeek .. you’re voice is so WOW!! & Paul Voight .. <3 Brilliant!!

    Fab hosts Matai Smith & Pikiteora Mura-Hita .. Maori Television keep up the fab work <3

    Pakipaki to all entrants .. PAKI UP!!!


  26. heather says:

    Can we see other polynesian co hosting . like Rarotongans, samoan tongan etc. always good to see other faces and their own humorous styles. Homai te paki is a gd show,so lets see other faces co hostin

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