NZ On Screen has published a collection celebrating the great work of Sir Howard Morisson

Sir Howard Morrison- doing what he loved to do

His name was synonymous with entertainment in New Zealand and still is today. To celebrate the late Sir Howard Morrison’s recent birthday and remind us how his talent touched our hearts. NZ On Screen has published a collection celebrating ‘Ol’ Brown Eyes’ on screen.

The selection features classic performances (with the Howard Morrison Quartet and solo), riffing with Billy T James, hosting Top Town, Howie’s star turn in 60s musical feature film Don’t Let it Get You, and a This is Your Life tribute … Ray Columbus: “He was a master entertainer”.

The show business legend’s take on songs like ‘How Great Thou Art’ ensured his waiata an enduring place at the top of NZ playlists; his hit ‘Whakaaria Mai’ rendition of that song in Hamilton, 1982, is included in the collection.

In a piece written especially to accompany the selection, singer Ray Columbus offers a heartfelt reflection on his long relationship with the Kiwi show business legend, a friend he revered as ‘The Man’. “His voice, humour, ability to ad-lib, his X-factor brand (which I think was iwi based) … made him unique anywhere.”

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Sir Howard Morrison collection

Sir Howard Morrison

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Sir Howard morrison dvd

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