48 weeks and counting until we can watch all 48 matches via Maori TV

Epic tackle

That’s right, just 48 weeks to go – and counting down – to the start of Rugby World Cup 2011!

New Zealanders around the country are anxiously preparing for the biggest event to have hit Aotearoa in quite some time – if ever! Rugby fans are preparing to share in the atmosphere and excitement of the biggest sporting event of the year. Volunteers are waiting to get their uniforms on and make new friends from around the world. Not wanting to be left out, Maori Television announces its plans for 48 weeks’ time!

“Maori Television will ensure that no-one will miss the opportunity to see all 48 matches” said Maori Television chief executive Jim Mather on the eve of 48 weeks to kick-off.

For those who can’t be at the matches in person, Maori Television will screen all 48 matches of Rugby World Cup 2011, free-to-air, for viewers across Aotearoa to experience in the comfort of their living rooms, garages, sport clubs, kitchens, marae – pretty much anywhere!

Sixteen matches – including all the All Black matches – will be shown LIVE and free to air on Maori Television. The remaining matches will have a delayed screening.

Anywhere you can see Maori Television, you will get all 48 matches for free! And, as a bonus you will get about five to 10 per cent of the commentary in te reo Maori.

“We believe that the inclusion of te reo, will add to the uniqueness of the Maori Television broadcast,” says Jim Mather. “For anyone who wants the full experience of this amazing tournament, viewers need simply lock their remotes on Maori Television.”

Maori Television is looking forward to the company of rugby fans in 336 sleeps time.

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