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Taika Waititi and his Crazy Horses gang

If you loved the movie BOY, then you are going to love the merchandise even more. From the highly succesful NZ movie BOY, we bring to you the official Crazy Horse’s t shirts and merchandise. The totally unmissable movie of the year, director and star is the genius behind Eagle Vs Shark, Taika Waititi.

You can get your Crazy Horses merchandise from Native Vision. T Shirts, Hoodies, dvd’s and Car stickers all the gear you need to represent your chapter of the gang.

Our merchandise is the Official Licensed Product from the film “Boy”. 30% of profits  go to support children of the East Coast to fulfill their potential in education and vocational training. Comfortable T shirt fit that is suitable for Men and Women. Join the Crazy Horses Gang with this Black T Shirt with white Crazy Horses Logo print.

BOY movie synopsis:

The movie take us into the life of  Boy (played by a superb James Rolleston) and is set in 1984 on the rural East coast of New Zealand.

Boy’s a dreamer – he loves Michael Jackson and lives with a clutch of cousins, his Nan and his brother Rocky (who believes he has super powers after his mum died giving birth to him). He also believes he’ll score the girl of his dreams.

He imagines his dad, a deep sea diver, carpenter and owner of some totally boss Michael Jackson moves is overseas – the reality is his father Alamein (a glorious Waititi) is serving a stretch behind bars for robbery.

To purchase your BOY merchandise please follow this link: Crazy Horses

BOY trailer

Crazy Horses Aotearoa Black tee


  1. Denice says:

    Hi, I am trying to find where to buy a Crazy Horse New Zealand T Shirt. Can you help me? thanks

  2. Cat Tunks says:

    Cant find them anywhere! Just mens ones from Australian chapter.
    Where can us Te Whanau a Apanui wahine’s get ours?

  3. Mr Lister says:

    Crazy Horses Australia?? Seriously?? An awesome New Zealand film being once again plagiarized by a talentless, mediocre and commercialized country… wont be getting one if these.

  4. dane says:

    hi was wanting x2 crazy horses aotearoa stickers, same as the t shirts, hoping for maybe 30 cm, both in white, can u help, thanks

  5. beyutterfly3 says:

    hey there where can you get crazy horses hoodies form

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