What now for the infamous west family?

Grandpa West and Wayne

We have been there to watch the ups and downs of the west for five years. Fights, scams, fashion shows, business, weddings, baby’s , prison, family feuds and the list goes on. But sadly the west have signed off and are now living happily ever after. But we all want to know what happens after the last scene is shot, and sadly the last set is taken down…

Filming for season six wrapped up early this year, and most of the Outrageous actors have kept relatively low profiles since.

Antony Starr, who played West twins Van and Jethro, has been the most visible. At present he can be seen in cinemas in the film After the Waterfall, which was made in between filming of seasons five and six of Outrageous.

He’s also on the small screen this Sunday in TVOne’s Spies and Lies.

Starr has told media he’s now auditioning for Hollywood roles and has a big role in a secret project across the Tasman, so expect to see more of him soon.

Robyn Malcolm, who played family matriarch Cheryl West, has been in the spotlight recently for her role in The Hobbit strike saga.

Hobbit aside, she played the lead role in Samuel Beckett’s Happy Days at Auckland’s Silo Theatre in August and appeared in The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell at the Film Festival.

Malcolm’s also been spending a bit of time in Australia working in film and television.

In her private life, the mum-of-two is trying to sell her Devonport house and looking to move over the bridge to Grey Lynn or Ponsonby.

Antonia Prebble, who played no-nonsense West daughter Loretta, has also been treading the boards since filming wrapped, with appearances in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and The Vagina Monologues.

She also pops up in Spies and Lies this weekend opposite Starr and, according to the Antonia Prebble fansite, sings on the charity album So This is Christmas.

Prebble will be showing off her musical chops again this month in Christchurch in Cabaret at the Court Theatre.

Sharp-eyed fans would have noticed Prebble in the trailer for The Almighty Johnsons that screened at the end of the Outrageous finale, the next offering from the makers of Outrageous that will screen next year.

Her on-screen sister Siobhan Marshall has kept a lower profile since filming wrapped. Marshall told 3News she had been auditioning and doing the odd theatre and voice role and is considering moving across the ditch.

No word on what Frank Whitten – who played Ted West, aka Grandpa – is up to next but the acting veteran has kept busy with theatre work here and across the ditch between seasons and will no doubt pop up on our screens in another Speights ‘Southern Man’ ad soon enough.

Outside of the West family, Kirk Torrance, who played flawed ex-cop Wayne Judd, has also stayed somewhat under the radar. He joked to John Campbell that he had “a few projects going on down at WINZ” but is a multi-talented chap – a playwright, former Commonwealth Games swimmer and presenter of TV3 show The Real Hustle – so expect to see more of him soon.

Tammy Davis, who played Van’s best mate Munter, told Campbell he wanted to “go underground for a bit” but had been doing some directing since filming of the show ended.

Nicole Whippy, who played Munter’s missus Kasey, has said she’s focusing on being a fulltime mum to daughter Pearl now Outrageous has finished.

And Shane Cortese, aka Loretta’s husband Hayden Peters, told media he’s got a guest role on The Almighty Johnsons and is narrating another series of Serious Crash Unit.

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  1. marcus williams says:

    One of the best shows i’ve seen in a long time.
    Very funny and very well written, it’s a shame i
    found this program wile i was visting my little one
    in Italy “Tuscanny” As the X miss’s had Sky. I am not
    saying Italian T:V is bad “No it’s absolutly SHIT”. So
    what a joy to whatch this when everyone else had
    gone to bed.
    Just a shame the people in charge of british T:V did’nt
    pick it up “Make’s you wonder why we pay £180 T:V
    licence (Fucking Madness)

  2. hinemoa west says:

    i love this comedy programme its so funny and they make ma last name sound solid as yozarrrh…….

  3. Wilkie Major says:

    Yes I was sad to see Outrageous fortune finish, but I suppose it is like all good things they must come to an end. I was overall taken with the acting in the series, everyone played their part extremely well. New zealand has a lot to be proud of, our drama schools know how to make an ordinary person into a successful actor/actress. Frank whitten who played Ted West, aka grandpa, he was my favourite, sorry we will never see him again, due to his sad passing recently, like I said ,all good things must come to an end sooner or later. Nothing Trivial screening now is good, but lacks the intense drama of Outrageous Fortune.

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