This week’s top ten shows

Piha Rescue Lifeguards

Below is a listing of the top ten programmes on NZTV, recorded as of the 29th of January 2011 via Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

The top programme being watched is still One news TV ONE, and yet again reality TV shows are dominating the ratings. One programme to watch out for is Shortland Street which returns to TV 2 on the 17th of January. With a strong fan base, and dramatic story line finish last year. It is sure to appear high in the top ten rating programmes on NZTV.

To watch some of these programmes please follow this link to the TVNZ website.

1 One News TVOne
2 Border Security TVOne
3 Piha Rescue TVOne
4 Undercover Boss TVOne
5 Coronation Street TVOne
6 Animal Rescue TVOne
7 Islands of Britain TVOne
8 Close Up TVOne
9 Shortland Street TV2
10 American Idol TV2


  1. crack says:

    must… have… more…. fantasy or scifi programming

    do recommend?

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