This week’s Top 10 shows

Below is a listing of the top ten programmes on NZTV, recorded as of the 18th July 2011 via Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

The top programme being watched is Shortland Street, with News programmes dominating the remainder, and interestingly The Food Truck is currently rating fourth – a reality TV programme looking at the challenge of making fast food healthy.To watch some of these programmes please follow this link to the TVNZ website.

1 Shortland Street TV2
2 One News TVOne
3 Fair Go TVOne
4 The Food Truck TVOne
5 Animal Rescue TVOne
6 Hyundai Country Calendar TVOne
7 Coronation Street TVOne
8 Sunday(PM) TVOne
9 Close Up TVOne
10 Police Ten 7 TV2


  1. Loved the Food Truck fantastic to see someone out there showing people there are healthy choices that are just as tasty as take away food.
    Wish he would put out cook book based on his recipe’s he used on the show.

  2. Vaughan says:

    Agreed, would love a book with those recipes, some of them looked super tasty!

  3. Hugo says:

    So Coro rates at 7/10 and the Food Show to replace it not in the 10, yet TV1 says the shift of Coro to 5:30 is to allow ” the top rating food show” to be seen by all. Go figure. The guy should be a politician!

  4. Katrina says:

    Hi, There is a food truck book out with all the yummy recipes and there are some on the website also.

    Can’t wait to buy his book I think he’s an awesome chef.

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