TVNZ Heartland highlights – week 5 2012

Upcoming programmes and films not to miss on TVNZ heartland…

Hidden in the Numbers, Sunday January 29th, 7:30pm

Three-part series Hidden In The Numbers that looks at what statistics tell us about ourselves. Presented by comedian Te Radar, the series uses the NZ Census and other statistical information to document the changing face of New Zealand culture and life, and reveals the often unseen patterns that have shaped our society and made us who we are today.

Hidden In The Numbers also looks back at past statistics and examines the ways we have changed – both as individuals and as a nation. It looks at where we live; where we work; what we do with our spare time; how much money we have; how long we have to work to buy bread, are we getting richer or poorer, is it easier or harder to make ends meet than it used to be, what we buy; what we eat, how much we drink; what’s happening to our bodies our families, kids, marriage and divorce – they are all covered.

Location, Location, Location, Sunday January 29th, 8:30pm

Shot round the North Island, this series sees the extremes of human behaviour as the endurance of buyers and sellers are put to the test in the property market. Whether it’s the young couple making the big commitment and buying their first home together, or the classic investor looking for a do-up property on which to make a buck, the series sees a range of suburbs and house prices and situations you can relate to.

On tonight’s episode, Oliver looks a lot like other four-year-old kids.  The difference is he has autism, which seriously limits the way he interacts with the world. Gareth and Amanda know that intensive one-on-one therapy at this early stage could have a big impact on Oliver’s Future. Early therapy can improve his outlook and for that Amanda and Gareth have to pay.  The best option is to sell the house, the house that Amanda fell in love with at first sight

Street Legal, Wednesday February 1st 10pm

Jay Laga’aia is David Silesi, the maverick lawyer who is always on the side of the underdog, in Street Legal, the fast-paced, high-action drama series filmed entirely in New Zealand.

David Silesi and his colleagues use unorthodox methods of getting at the truth to see justice done for their clients but often their personal lives turn out to be more dramatic as the stresses and strains of living life on the legal edge take their toll.

In this series, David and Joni’s law firm, Wyeth & Associates, is in trouble. The repo man starts taking the furniture. The overdraft has run over its limit. Joni turns to Adie for a loan to keep afloat, but there are conditions. Lack of cashflow is a continual worry for Joni, a concern not helped by David’s tendency to spend lots of time on non-paying cases.

Street Legal co-stars Katherine Kennard as David Silesi’s law partner (and former love Joni Collins) and Charles Mesure as his nemesis Detective Senior Sergeant Kees Van Dam. It also stars Louise Wallace, Dwayne Cameron, Ingrid Park, Manu Bennett, Ben Baker, and Cal Wilson.

Eagle Vs Shark, Friday February 3rd 7:30pm

Lily (Loren Horsley) crashes Jarrod’s (Jemaine Clement, The Flight of the Conchords) party, ends up in his home town and lands a leading role in his hell bent plan to beat up an old high school bully. They tackle estranged family and stranger friends, only to find the real foe may be in the mirror.

Waititi’s first feature film, Eagle Vs Shark delivers a poignant social punch about facing up to who you really are. It is about accepting the good, the bad and the honestly awful – and when that happens everything can change.

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