Aspiring young film artist captures 'Miniature Wellington'

This clip showcases the talents of aspiring videographer Jared Gray.  The clip  features  Gray’s cinematographic approach  of Wellington city in an artistic style .

Gray has taken a proactive approach to job hunting by putting together a clip of a seemingly miniature Wellington to showcase his talents.

At just 22-years-old  and originally from Wairarapa,  Gray is a has recent  graduate from the New Zealand Film and Television School.  Currently he is in the process of applying for jobs.     During this time, he has decided  to develop his own artistic skills  and fulfil his vacant time  creatively through film.    This artist’s work is clearly expressive of   unique and upcoming New Zealand talent reflective of the busy Wellington city lifestyle.

His project involved  two weeks of  trekking all around the city’s hillsides.    The clip was made using time lapse photography and a technique called tilt-shift which makes large objects like cars or people seem tiny.

‘‘It’s pretty tough out there and you have to do something to find a job so I decided to occupy my time with this. It was my first time doing this. The whole thing took me about two weeks because of Wellington’s weather.

‘‘Wellington is such a good place to do this sort of thing because naturally we have all these high places and there’s a lot of hills around. I saw a whole new side. I ended up driving and walking and always finding some place cool.’’

The two-minute clip, posted on features the natural landscape of Wellington city.  He has used tilt-shift and time lapse to create the illusion of a miniature city.

In basic terms, videos using this technique have a narrow depth of field which means only a small part of the frame is in focus.

Mr Gray said he spent such a long time working with the images that he wasn’t sure if the miniature effect was working but he has had a positive reaction to it so far.

Overall he concluded that this has been a great learning experience for him.

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