Maori Television Launches a Month of Kiwi Films

Press Release:  Maori TV

Four New Zealand films are set to screen on Maori Television for the first time this month.

Insatiable Moon

Film still from Insatiable Moon starring Rawiri Paratene

THE INSATIABLE MOON, I’M NOT HARRY JENSON, AFTER THE WATERFALL and HOOK, LINE AND SINKER will make the leap to the small screen starting August 12.  These films have all been independently produced ranging in genres from documentary, thriller to drama.

First up is THE INSATIABLE MOON starring Rawiri Paratene as psychiatric patient Arthur, who claims to be the second son of God.

The 2010 film, which also stars Ian Mune, Sara Wiseman and Greg Johnson, was shot on a shoestring budget and went on to win national and international awards.

Paratene says it is great that Maori Television is promoting and supporting New Zealand film.

“It’s great when [the films] get out on to free-to-air television. It gives them another breath of life and it gives a wider group of New Zealanders a chance to see them.’’

THE INSATIABLE MOON is a film that has wide appeal, he says.

“It’s a bloody good yarn and it’s well told. New Zealand is a yarning culture. Whether we are outdoor workers or gathered around the water-cooler… we love a good yarn… It’s a movie New Zealanders can feel proud of.’’

Following the screening of THE INSATIABLE MOON is a short documentary called LUNATIC, which uses scenes from the film to explore attitudes towards mental illness.

The low-budget thriller I’M NOT HARRY JENSON stars Gareth Reeves as best-selling crime writer Stanley Merse.

A bout of writer’s block sends him off hiking in the bush with a group of people he’s never met before. However, things turn nasty when a couple of fellow trampers are found dead.

AFTER THE WATERFALL stars Outrageous Fortune’s Anthony Starr as forest ranger John, who is haunted by the disappearance of his four-year-old daughter. He later discovers his ex-wife is pregnant to his best friend, the policeman in charge of the case.

Set and shot in Piha on Auckland’s west coast, the 2010 film is based on the UK novel The Paraffin Child.

Rounding off the four films is HOOK, LINE AND SINKER, an independent production that was shot around Wellington’s south coast.

The film centres on truck driver PJ (played by Rangimoana Taylor) whose life begins to unravel after he fails a mandatory eye test and loses his licence. His wife Ronnie up-scales her wedding dress business to make ends meet and with her help he finds a new place in the world.

Tune in to Maori Television for a month of Kiwi films.

• THE INSATIABLE MOON: August 12 at 9.00pm

• I’M NOT HARRY JENSON: August 19 at 8.30pm

• AFTER THE WATERFALL: August 26 at 8.30pm

• HOOK, LINE AND SINKER: September 2 at 8.30pm

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