New science TV series ‘Project Matauranga’ premiers on Maori TV

A new science television series ‘Project Matauranga’  will be due to start on Maori Television this month.

Ocean Mercier

Ocean Mercier (Victoria University Lecturer) will be presenting the series.

Growing ginseng in a pine forest is just one of the many Maori innovations to featured in the series.

Project Matauranga, which will be presented by Victoria University lecturer Ocean Mercier, is a 13-part series premiering next Tuesday, August 14, at 8pm.

The series looks at the growth of Maori world views within the scientific community and celebrates the people and ideas delivering an edge in the world of science.

Formatted around the structure of an experiment, each episode begins with a problem, followed by a method that has been developed to solve it.

Problems will be resolved step-by-step in everyday language showing how Western science and Maori knowledge systems are combining to provide solutions.

Dr Mercier said Maori had always been scientists and continued to be scientists. “Our brand of science maybe a little different from Western science but, nonetheless, it allowed us to work in the world, to be in the world, to live in the world, to survive in the world for generations,” she said.

Other innovations to feature in the series include:

Te Rarawa and Auckland Museum using 3D imaging to return taonga to iwi for long periods while allowing the museum to exhibit a three-dimensional replica.

Re-establishing the kuia (grey-faced petrel) population on Moutohora (Whale) Island for harvesting.

Restoring the freshwater environment of the Utakura River.

Assessing the effect of geothermal activity on wild kai in the Te Arawa regio

Source: Rotorua Daily Post

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