NZ film-maker Joe Hitchcock uses his AMP Scholarship to go global

Joe Hitchcock

Joe Hitchcock ( NZ film director) 2006 winner of AMP scholarship.

Joe Hitchcock, a passionate NZ film-maker, was recognised by AMP in 2006 for his determination to succeed on an international level.   After receiving his  an AMP Scholarship in 2006, Joe has used the financial support to further pursue his film-making career.    Joe was able to devote himself to his professional development within the film industry and begin to make his dreams a reality.

Since receiving his scholarship, Joe has had several outstanding opportunities to work in the film industry.  He has been invited to work on global scale films such as Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and Avatar, which would not have been possible otherwise.

“With the scholarship I was able to afford resources for my film which allowed it to compete with professional productions and travel to festivals around the world. When my short film screened at the New Zealand short film festival “Show Me Shorts” I was nominated for “best director” along with some of the best directors in the country. This catapulted my abilities onto a global scale, opening countless doors.” Joe is directing and working on a new feature length film Penny Black, this New Zealand independent film is currently being shot throughout the North Island.

Joe has produced a range of short-films, documentaries and music videos.  Some of his  most recent work is available to watch on his main website:

Kiwis wanting to share their enthusiasm and passion for their chosen ‘thing’ are being called to apply today for an AMP Scholarship with over $200,000 in funding available.

Joe encourages others to enter this year, stating “AMP Scholarships is unique because you can apply for funding for anything you are passionate about. You don’t have to tick boxes for a funding agency, or modify your project to work for someone else. It’s about pursuing passions and achieving things you might not otherwise be able to.”

AMP is dedicated to granting Kiwis the ability to do their thing, and have helped the dreams and desires of over 130 New Zealanders come to life with more $1.5 million in funding being distributed over the past 14 years.  This is a great opportunity for young aspiring film-makers to gain  advantage in their careers and take a  step into the global film industry.

AMP is preparing for another round of inspiring applicants this year as talent from around the country raise their hands for recognition for doing great things.

Applications are open until August 31, 2012. Visit or for more information and to apply.

Source: Fuseworks Media

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