A new local television series ‘Bucket Wish’ will premier on Choice TV

Aaron Carotta

Aaron Carotta: host of Choice TV's upcoming television series 'Bucket Wish'.

This upcoming new series Bucket Wish featuring ‘Adventure Aaron ‘ (NZ cancer survivor)  as he embarks  on a journey through some of New Zealand’s Most Extreme adventures accompanied by two CanTeen Members with wishes to complete their own bucket list.

In this 13-episode series, each week  candidates nominate themselves for one of the Bucket Wish list adventures by writing a short piece about themselves and why they should be chosen to join Aaron.  The nominations are then put forward online via the Choice TV Facebook page so the public are able to vote.   The candidate with the most Facebook ‘Likes’ is chosen along with one that Aaron has personally selected.

The aim of this  new television series, Bucket Wish, is  to give CanTeen members the chance to live their dream.

Hamilton CanTeen members Victoria Carroll, 22, who has acute myeloid leukaemia, and Hope Atwood, 23, whose younger brother battled with brain cancer, both wished to meet and cook with a celebrity chef.

“I love to cook and bake, and I love watching cooking shows on TV, particularly ones by Gordon Ramsay and Master Chef,” Ms Carroll wrote to show creator and adventurer Aaron Carotta on Facebook.

“I remember when I was sick and could not eat for a period of about 10 weeks, I would watch the cooking shows and dream of all the wonderful food I could potentially make and eat when I was better.”

Mr Carotta, a cancer survivor himself, granted the pair’s wishes on Saturday at the filming of an episode of Bucket Wish at Hamilton’s Smith and McKenzie Chophouse.

Chef and owner Toby Elliottyson said they were required to cook eight servings of his steak dish, along with cauliflower puree, caramelised onions, arancini (fried rice balls) and a pea and horseradish crush.

“They did a really good job. I was super happy and super proud of them for getting in there and giving it a go,” Mr Elliottyson said. “It was pretty special for them too and a good bit of fun.”

Current Master Chef champ Chelsea Winter helped the girls with the challenge.

Florida-based Mr Carotta, who recovered from his own battle with cancer in 2008, has been ticking off a series of bucket list adventures in New Zealand, and across the world, for three years.

Known as Adventure Aaron, he has produced a TV series about his travels.

He said having CanTeen members join him on his Bucket Wish journey through New Zealand “has been the greatest experience of all”.

Bucket Wish is scheduled to air on Choice TV on September 29.

Source: Waikato Times


  1. Char da star says:

    Hi Aaron,
    I think what you are doing is fantastic and I commend you for not only being positive and fulfilling your dreams despite your illness but now for paying your success forward.
    Several years ago I myself was fighting for my life. All I had was my hero my amazing husband who gave up everything to take care of me and the beautiful animals we shared our lives with. I was told to take time to plan my funeral but instead, being eternally positive I wrote a list I called “my last day on earth” featuring 100 things I wanted to experience, (my dreams). They included things like flying a helicopter, driving a tank, paragliding, riding an elephant and just recently the unthinkable happened, after 21 years of disappointment despite still being terminally I gave birth to a perfect little boy number 1 on my list. So everyone never ever give up on your dreams, always stay positive and when you succeed find ways to give back. Be good to one another. Sincerely CDS

  2. Mark Harrison says:

    Hi there arron I think u r doing a grate thing I also had cancer

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