Slashed prices on Crazy Horses BOY merchandise


Crazy Horses Merchandise on Native Vision: Its now or never – Native Vision are on their last print cycle of the Crazy Horses Range of clothing. Which means if you don’t get in quick you might not have another chance to get your patch and represent Crazy Horses in your area.

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Taika Waititi and his Crazy Horses gang

If you loved the movie BOY, then you are going to love the merchandise even more. From the highly succesful NZ movie BOY, we bring to you the official Crazy Horse’s t shirts and merchandise. The totally unmissable movie of the year, director and star is the genius behind Eagle Vs Shark, Taika Waititi.

Taika Waititi acting career takes another step forward with Green Lantern

Taika Waititi has joined the cast of fellow New Zealand director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern. Produced by Warner Bros Pictures the filming is set to start later this month in New Orleans. The film is scheduled for a mid-2011 release. Waititi will play the best friend of the Green Lantern. The decision to cast Waititi [ Read More ]