Triangle Stratos on Freeview

A significant milestone in New Zealand broadcasting has been announced today by Triangle Television’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Blackman. Triangle Television is set to make broadcasting history with the advent of Triangle Stratos, which, for the first time ever, will make regional television available to the entire country. The new channel will broadcast on the [ Read More ]

Maori Television to launch second channel

Maori Television has announced that it is to launch a second channel in 2008. Maori Television Chief Executive Jim Mather announced Thursday 27th July that the new channel would broadcast in 100 per cent te reo Maori, initially during the prime time hours of 7.30 PM to 10.30 PM. It would transmit via the Freeview [ Read More ]

TVNZ 6 set to begin broadcasting in September 2007

TVNZ 6, the first of TVNZ’s two new digital channels for the Freeview platform will feature advertising-free programming with between 50% and 75% local content. TVNZ 6 programming will be divided into three distinct services targeting preschoolers (50% local content), families (70% local content) and adult viewers (75% local content). None of the services will [ Read More ]